7 Plants Can Grow in Bottles and Jars Easily

7 Plants Can Grow in Bottles and Jars Easily

Homiful.com -- The existence of ornamental plants is very profitable. Especially with the type of ornamental plants that are easy to grow without less light and dry rooms. Of course, it all needs to be supported with the right planting media. Many plant media that can be used to care of ornamental plants. Such as from pots, direct soil, ferns to water media. Using water media can be one solution if you do not have a large area around the space, and in this way will save space and become aesthetically visual. Here are recommendations for the types of plants that can be grown with bottles and jars.


Peace Lily


Peace lily is unexpectedly easy to grow also in the water. As a room table lighter, plants with water media and glass jars greatly affect the room. The roots that thrive from this make sure you change the water periodically.

Golden Pothos


This is an ornamental plant that is easy to care for and has nicknamed Epipremnum Aureum so one of the plants that thrive through water media. You just cut the stems that propagate from these plants and put it in a bottle that has been filled with water.



Even your herbs can thrive with water media. Make a minimalist window sill garden, herbal plants of choice such as mint leaves, onions and others you can try.

Snake plant


Snake plant is a plant with leaves that are high in a bright green and yellow contrast hue. It is perfect, so the plant in a glass jar is transparent. Making a smart solution because it has many benefits.

Monstera Variegata


The next type is a type of Monstera Variegata that comes from the tropical forest. It can be planted on various media, one of which uses water media with a bottle or jars.



Echeveria is one type of beautiful succulent with a small shape. Easy treatment, you can pick it according to the size of the jar and be careful when watering. Use beautiful orange juice glass and fit the form o succulent Echeveria.

Spider Plant


Spider plants have a distinctive long leaf shape and dangle down. The green and white color on the leaves makes this plant more beautiful. This spider plant can grow with a water medium, put it in a vase or bottle that has been filled with water.

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