Get attention these 7 Low Maintenance Plants for a Picturesque Balcony and make you have spacious area -- The balcony is one spot that you can turn into a comfortable and bright, relaxing place. You can add fresh decorations to complete the relaxed atmosphere on the balcony. One of the decorations that you can use is plants. However, you need to pay close attention to the types of plants that you will use on the balcony. For more complete inspiration, you can listen to the following article about 7 Low Maintenance Plants for a Picturesque Balcony.



 Boston Fern Plant


The first plant that you can place on the balcony is the boston fern plant. You can put it hanging on a moss ball or placed on a balcony wall shelf. This plant likes humid temperatures, so make sure to water it on time, so it doesn't dry out and die easily.




Cactus is one of the plants that is widely used as an ornamental plant that can be placed in various corners of the house. You can place it on the balcony in the summer, while in the rainy season you can move it so that the stems don't rot easily due to high water intensity.



Pothos Plant


The pothos plant is one of the plants that has easy maintenance and is able to provide freshness to the nearby area. Its placement on this balcony makes it stand out even more by placing it on a high shelf, so that the growth that sticks out feels beautiful and cool.




The next plant is a type of caladium which is very suitable to be placed on the balcony because it requires quite a lot of sunlight. Even though you like sunlight, you still need to pay attention not to overdo it, because excessive sunlight will make the plants scorch, wither, and dry out. This plant is also one of the plants that is easy to care for.





You can place monstera plants on the balcony without worrying because this plant has easy maintenance. Watering this plant does not have to be done every day, water every 1-2 weeks. Allow the monstera soil to dry between watering. Finally, don't forget to give nutritional fertilizers so that the monstera grows healthy and fresh.



Because Calathea doesn't like direct sunlight, a balcony model with curtains like this is the right spot for the Calathea you have. This Calathea also likes moist soil, so you can try a mixture of 50 percent soil, 20 percent orchid bark, 20 percent charcoal, and 10 percent perlite.



Lee Kwan Yew


Lee Kwan Yew plants are the right plants for your open balcony. Because you can use this plant as a natural curtain that provides a cool and shady atmosphere. For proper plant growth, adjust the distance to provide the right appearance and maximum growth.


This is the review of 7 Low Maintenance Plants for a Picturesque Balcony. From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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