7 Landscaping Projects That Add Value To Your Home

Homiful.com -- Landscaping is one of the best ways to increase the value of your property. Quoting inman site, Franc Lucco said that landscape account for 85% of what buyers first see when buying a home. The more attractive a landscape is, the value of a house will also increase. If the landscaping of the property is outdated, then this can also affect the value of the property.

Beyond that, whether you intend to sell your home in the future or want to improve the quality of life at home, the outdoor landscaping will provide great benefits. Landscape design can improve mental and physical health. So, plan your landscaping project well. 

To boost your curb appealing, we've gathered 7 Landscaping Projects That Add Value To Your Home.

1. Add a walkway and pergola

Design your landscape plan with a good strategy. If the size is large enough, add features that allow interaction with nature. You can create a walkway that looks beautiful and professional. Another feature to add is a special place to enjoy the outdoor scenery and the fresh breeze. So, build a pergola is a good idea.

2. Build an outdoor lounge


More and more people want to spend time outside their homes. Making an outdoor kitchen as well as an outdoor lounge is an idea worth trying. You'll have the perfect place to have a fun family get-together outdoors. Position the outdoor lounge to in the center or in the corner of the landscaping. Make it surrounded by plants, so it look blend-naturally with nature. 


3. Plant Tree


Planting trees is a highly recommended landscaping project idea. Tress can increase the value of a house. Large trees allow property values to increase from 4 % to 10 %. However, if your house is not possible to grow a big tree, you can plant tropical plants with shady leaves like this. It will give you a lush tropical vibe.


4. Make it so colorful with nature elements


Add wonderful color to your landscaping project. You can use nature elements to give a natural color that makes the landscaping design even more freshly natural. For example, using white and black stones to create a unique contrast into the garden. Gardens with full of colorful plants will also instantly upgrade the curb appeal. 

5. Add water feature


Adding a water feature will increase the value of your home as well. You can make a pool of water with a fountain in it. Another option, make a fishpond. The fishpond will be a medium of entertainment for you. Around the pond with plants will feel fresh, make a deck next to the pond. So, you can relax in the area.

6. Invest a well-maintained lawn


A well-cared lawn is certainly more pleasing to the eye. This will give the outdoor landscape a visual that looks professionally maintained. Make sure the weeds are pulled up. You can also add indoor plants on the sides of the garden. The plant will look more unique with small bushes that surrounds it.

7. Lively garden for small-space landscaping project


A small yard can have an attractive landscaping design. You can try this garden design, if you like a garden design that is so lively. Various plants fill this garden. Some are trimmed neatly, so the garden looks manicured. If you have small children, add colorful that are fun to them.

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