7 Landscape Ideas for Narrow Land

Homiful.com -- Landscape is a term used for structuring a garden full of art in it in order to create a beautiful appearance with complete components. Usually, this garden landscape is not only the art of arranging plants, but also equipped with small rocks that will add to the perfect appearance of the garden. For those of you who want to create a narrow land into a beautiful garden, consider the following review of 7 Landscape Ideas for Narrow Land.

Back Garden with Small Pool

On the rest of the land that you have behind the house, you can apply this one landscape design. The use of plants, is well managed around a small artificial pond. For a sturdy pond, you can add stones of medium to large size.



Road Access Beside the House

If you have access to a side road as an entry and exit from the house, the additional garden around it will create a fresh atmosphere that dazzles the eye. In this landscape, the arrangement of plants comes in the form of 4 circles separated by a little space filled with sand and small white rocks.




Shady Relaxing Spot Behind the House

The existence of minimalist land around your house can be transformed into a cool, relaxing place. You can add gravel for perfect water absorption. As for the plants, you can place them on the side or hang them to give the impression of being shady and not taking up much space.

Narrow Land Behind the House

Having limited land behind the house, you can turn it into a fresh garden that is not boring if it is balanced with the right landscaping. The use of land as a park, is designed to have a footpath built using large rocks. While the rest of the land uses small pebbles, that have different colors. Arrangement of plants on the periphery will provide wide access and still refreshing.


Amazing Stonework

One component that is widely used in garden landscapes is stone. The stones in this garden, are designed with beautiful colors and patterns, so they can give a different dimension to the small garden you have. Additional plants that are not too many will give the maximum appearance of the rock.



Relaxing Garden

Apart from being a park, using vacant land as a relaxing spot is a smart choice, of course with the right landscaping. In this garden, the components consist of plants arranged in groups under trees along with rocks. While the rest of the empty space, is used as a relaxing place, equipped with a comfortable hammock chair.



Use of Remaining Land in the House

If you have empty space in the house, you can use it as a cool and beautiful indoor garden. You can make it happen only by using gravel equipped with a wooden deck as a foothold in your indoor garden. As for plants, you can place them in pots to make it easier to arrange. You can also make the roof of your garden open, but don't forget to provide infiltration holes so that water doesn't stagnate when it rains.




This is the review of 7 Landscape Ideas for Narrow Land. From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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