7 Inspiring Plant Ideas For Beautiful Seating

Homiful.com -- You deserve the best seating, both indoor and outdoor seating. Give the best treatment for the seating. You can put plants around it. The seat will look prettier. Plants around the seat will also give a refreshing vibe that makes sitting more comfortable. Thus, you can have a fun casual chat while spending time in your lounge. 

You can easily get a beautiful seating with plant decor. If you need more ideas to decor a seating with inspiring plant, here are 7 Inspiring Plant Ideas For Beautiful Seating.

Relaxing seating with a variety of cactus


There are many reasons to love cacti. This thorny plant is easy to care for. This is also the type of plant that is perfect for casual seating. You can put a round rattan chair with a soft pad. Place various cacti in terracotta pots next to it. The upright cacti will give a natural and firm visual statement around your seating.

Beautiful dangling pothos plant


Plants make the atmosphere in the house more comfortable and calm. You can put plants around the living room. For example, pothos plants that can grow indoors. Place it on the right and left side of the sofa. The more dangling, pothos plants will make your living space more beautiful.

Trailing bougainvillea for pergola


Pergolas are often used as shade for outdoor seating. You can make a pergola even more shady and beautiful by growing trailing plants on it. Bougainvillea plants are the best choice. This plant can grow on a pergola. The flowers can also bloom quickly. Make the seat under the pergola even more special.

Anthurium Chrystallinum for beautiful seating


Make the living room look thematic with the help of plants. Choose one type of plant that you will use as a visual theme. You can put Anthurium plants around the sofa. This plant can be grown indoors, and the leaves can grow lush. Match the shape of the rug and pillow with the heart shape on the Anthurium leaf, so your seat looks adorable.

Fiddle-leaf fig plant for a fresh and unique seating


Your indoor-seating need a friend, that makes the living space more beautifully fresh. Try to place indoor plants with a firm character, such as ficus lyrata or fiddle-leaf fig plant. This plant has a very large and glossy-shaped leaves, that will add a texture to the room.

Potted plant in plant holder


A small terrace will look stunning with an inspiring plant on it. You can place the potted plants around the terrace seating. A pair of rattan chair looks good together with potted plants in the plant shelves or plant holders. This combination presents a beautiful seat for your terrace.

Colorful seating with houseplants


Love the relaxed and colorful Bohemian style? You can adapt this relaxing seat. The yellow color gives a visual space that is so bright and cheerful. Potted houseplants, placed around the seating area, give off a pleasant freshness vibe.

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