7 Incredible Living Room with Garden Ideas


Homiful.com -- Create a living room into a room full of greenery that can refresh the house. The presence of greenery at home always manages to bring an atmosphere of happiness, so it makes you feel at home.

Interested in changing the look of the living room? Here are 7 incredible living rooms with garden ideas that can inspire you.

1. Living room, close to indoor garden


This living room idea idea beautifully made with an garden. Between, indoor garden are limited by transparent glass doors to present the impression of a wider living room.

2. Modern living room with vertical garden


The living room carries an elegant modern minimalist style. At the middle of the room there is a greenhouse with a stunning vertical combination of gardens. the use of the vertical garden concept helps you save the available space.

3. Open space concept living room


The interior design of the open space living room equipped with many windows so that the room feels cooler and beautiful. Air circulation also runs smoothly, the rear garden view can also be enjoyed from the living room.

4. Tropical-style living room


Another idea that you can try to apply in the living room is a tropical touch. This living room filled with eco-friendly furniture, such as partitions, floors, chairs, elegant wood. Greenery decoration also makes the living room more vibrant.

5. Living room with mini garden


This indoor garden neat the living room made with a mini size. You can make a mini garden on the right side of the room, a combination of green grass and beautiful ornamental lants can bring freshness in your living room.

6. Rustic-style living room and plants


This living room carries a stunning rustic style. The combination of dried plants and greenery presents a calm and relaxed a calm and relaxed room atmosphere. Provide lighting for a more romantic living room.

7. Living room with corner garden


Create a stunning living room corner with a beautiful garden. The trick is easy, you can put green plants lined neatly in the corner of the room. In addition to the corner of the room, place plants on the table as s sweetener of the room.

That's 7 incredible living room with garden ideas that can inspire you. I hope the information above can be useful to you. Thank you.

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