7 Herbs that Grow Without Sunlight

7 Herbs that Grow Without Sunlight

Homiful.com -- Do you know herbs that can grow without sunlight? You can grow it indoors or outdoors without getting full sun. Even in the room, there are some herbs that grow well with the right amount of water and sunlight. In addition to sunlight, herbal plants need to be planted in pots with good drainage. If you're worried that a drainage in a table or window sill, use a plate to hold excess water. Here's a list that you can see below:



Lovage is a perennial herb plant from Europa. The leaves, seed roots and stems are edible and have a lemon flavor suitable for soup dishes, stew, teas, salads and potato recipes.

This plant you can grow in a shady room and warm climate. Provide stale drainage, sandy, clay soil with a neutral pH for good growth.

Please note, this plant is a good companion plant for potatoes and other tubers and root vegetables.



Angelica is an excellent medicinal herb, but you can also use it for kitchen herbs. Whether from the leaves or stems, this plant can also be for cooking. The earthy bitter-sweet taste grows upright similar to celery.

Angelica includes annual plants that grow both in moist and fertile soil.

Sweet Cicely


Sweet cicely is a herbal plant that can grow indoors. The leaves and seeds can be used in baked dishes and desserts, with a sweet taste like anise with a little celery. Grow this plant near a south-facing window and is a great choice.



Spring is a great time to plant parsley seeds indoors. With warm air temperatures, it can take 6-20 weeks before the last ice ladder. But if you live in a hot climate, you can plant this parsley in late summer and autumn.

You can also plant this plant from seeds that area famous for their low and slow germination rates. And is one of the most important herbs to enhance the refreshing flavor of soups, sauces and vegetables.



Planting chives indoors can provide benefits for the year-round supply of herbs. This herb has the best taste when it is injected and refreshing. You can grow it from seeds or plants that have been there before. Choose varieties that can grown indoors. And use small containers to grow them more easily.

Corsican Mint


The herb Corsican mint plants are a low-growing mint species with small, smooth leaves. Popular as an outdoor ground cover, this actually makes the household attractive and durable. Give bright light but not too often, strain while indoors and keep the soil moist. Let it dry a little for months in the winter.




This plant is perfect for the changing climate of the United Kingdom. Especially when the plant is as delicious as wasabi. Its main stalks are known as rhizomes, traditionally eaten with sushi. Wasabi plants will thrive in moist places that ate well-drained in cool and shady locations.

You can star growing wasabi in an an 8-inch-deep container that can be moved to one or two larger pot sizes. Use a saucepan with a depth of 10 to 12 inches.

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