7 Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles

7 Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles

Homiful.com -- It may look a bit like the wild-growing plants out there, this lucky bamboo is not the same as the one out there. Wild bamboo plants belong to the genus Dracaena known as gift plants. This plant  can grow in glass containers filled with water. Until maybe if you place it in the house or canteen, this plant still thrives and attractive as a complement to the room table.

You can follow some inspiration about bamboo lucky that you can change beautifully and stylish in the corner of the room. Review below:

 The new style of lucky bamboo that makes up trophies


Like a new look to fill the void with the room. Lucky bamboo beautiful shape of this trophy is made circular and surround the pot evenly. Beautiful with semi green leaves, refreshing. 

Ceramic planting for lucky bamboo


This lucky bamboo plant will be amazing to fill the room in the house. Using planting media from ceramics, you can choose with this bamboo plant made 2 or 3 layers to from beauty.

Spiral lucky bamboo terrarium


Many people ask what plants are easiest to maintain? Lucky bamboo is the answer. You can shape it with a new style that is in the water with the terrarium method. Choose lucky bamboo whose beautiful spiral shape will display an extraordinary silhouette in the room.

Many lucky bamboo spirals


It will be wonderful for a birthday gift. The many spiral shapes in this water are very beautiful, forming circles and also idealistic rods.

Lucky bamboo pyramid


According to Chinese, plant with stems have a unique meaning, always connected with happiness, longevity and prosperity. You can grow it in water or on land. Styled with a pyramid shape, this plant is very tough and gives an elegant effect to the environment.

Lucky bamboo curly terrarium


You can still take care of it if it is planted in water. With terrarium or propagation water, bamboo plants are lucky that you will stay alive and thrive. Beautiful to fill the top with the table, you can give friends with an amaryllis theme that is also very interesting.

Lucky straight bamboo plants


With the terrarium method, you can make it beautiful without a large planting medium. Use a glass bottle that can only be filled with two plants at once.

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