7 Excellent Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants

Homiful.com -- In a house, the hallway often neglected. Somehow, the hallway looks dull and boring, due to lack of artsy touch. In fact, a corridor to connect other rooms can be the most often passed.  Don't let the hallway look like a desolated place in your beautiful home. It's time to make the hallway look so lively and lovely with the proper decorations.

One of the best decor ideas for the hallway is the plant. Plants will bring a fresh and lively atmosphere. Moreover, plants are timeless decorations and fit in any style of home. For more ideas, here are 7 Excellent Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants.

Bright small hallway with potted plants


Entering the house, and being greeted by a dark hallway, must have been unpleasant. Brighten up the hallway by choosing a door in a turquoise green like this one. Spread the green carpets as a welcoming rug. The potted plants place on  both sides of this aisle. The bright hallway with plants will also give a positive vibe, when you enter the house.

Scandinavian hallway with plants


Need simple but cozy hallway inspo? Try this one to your hallway. Refers to the Scandinavian design, with a homey combination of white and natural brown color. Plants placed at main points. For example, a snake plant in the table, dracaena on the corner of the  hallway and the philodendron plant on a plant holder. 

Unique indoor vertical garden


Make the most of the vertical space in your hallway. You can make a unique indoor garden. Divide into two parts. The lower part as place for the potted plants. The upper part as a high and rise plants that can grow in vertical medium. The fern plant is the best choice for an indoor vertical garden like this one.

Lively hallway decor with plants


No more boring hallway. You can design and decor the hallway with potted plants. Arrange the plants around the hallway. You can arrange them along the hallway, making the hallway a pleasant green welcome. Pick unique pot/container patterns to make it look visually appealing.

Let the vines on the hallway wall


Use every inch of space to beautify the hallway. Let the plants grow vines on the walls of the hallway. You can pick the Monstera plant that can grow up to walls. Its unique leaves provide a clear, green visual statement to the hallway.


Fiddle leaf fig for the hallway decor


Create magic into your hallway. You can fill the hallway with any wall art that you like. For example, a self-portrait with contemporary lighting create a busy and trendy hallway.  For the corner of the hallway, it is a good idea to place a fiddle leaf fig. This low-maintenance plant had a unique texture that provide a natural statement to your hallway.

Green welcoming hallway


A small space in the hallway, you can use it as a decoration spot. There, you can place dracaena, philo-plant and trailing plant. Add an eye-catching wall decor that make the hallway more aesthetic. Contemporary artwork on holder will also give a classical feeling to the hallway.

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