7 Cut Flowers Plants You Can Regrow from Bouquets


7 Cut Flowers Plants You Can Regrow from Bouquets

Homiful.com -- Planting cut flowers will be greatly enjoyed with a continuous supply of beautiful flowers to be harvested and made as a bouquet. Planning a garden with cut flowers can be supplied with a place that is placed. It needs sunlight fertile soil and well drained soil.

Although sometimes some people will make bouquet that start to dry out, now you can use them to be used as live plants and can be harvested. Some list of cut flowers plants are available in the review below:



Hydrangea are very beautiful cut flowers that can back if planted from a bouquet. First, you can make the right piece under the leaf knot that will form the roots of the plant. Peel the lower leaves and leave the top to keep it intact. Once done, dip the ends 2 inches deep into the rooting hormones. Plant in pieces in a soil mixture of 50% peat and 50% Perlit horticulture or 50% sand. This will take 3-4 weeks for the roots to grow.



You can grow Azaleas from cuttings very easily, quite half an inch long from the tip. The dip it into the rooting hormones and plant it into a well-drained potting mixture. Keep a place where the light is bright and not bright. It will take root for about 4 to 6 weeks.



To grow dahlia flowers from a bouquet required pieces along 306 inches. Like the stage of other plants, dip it into root hormones and plant it in dry media. Store well and neatly in locations where lighting is not direct. This plant takes 2-3 weeks to grow its roots.



Using scissors or a sharp knife. Growing lavender form bouquets you can apply. Cut the stems about 4-6 inches just below the leaf know at a 45-degree angle so that water and nutrients are easily obtained and absorbed.

If all the stages are completed, you can place this plant in a very cool area and avoid excessive watering.



Next is Gerbera daisy. You can still grow this flower by cuttings 6-8 inches from a healthy plant. Make sure not to cut it too deeply because it can damage the donor plant severely. Discard flower buds, dip them in root hormones and plant them in pots containing quality soil. 

You can wait about 10-14 days for the root formation.

Rose plants


The next list of cut flowers plants is roses. To plant this cut flower requires a lot more work than planting it as a garden bush, but the results are worth it. First, you need to get rid of poorly placed flowers buds that will not produce good cut flowers.



Crysanthemum can be planted easily. Dip the ends of the cut flowers into hormones that can trigger roots and gardens into small containers filled with moist soil, clay and good drainage. Place the store in bright indirect light and the cuttings will form roots within a few weeks.

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