7+ Creative Tiny House Interior Design Ideas

Homiful.com -- There is no doubt that we can be more creative with a tiny house. Instead of just a tiny house that looks ordinary, you can make it much more than that. As seen in this tiny house that have been built by tiny house baluchon. Space limitations are overcome in a creative way. So, living in a tiny house does not make the owner have no space for storage. This tiny house is also so bright and functional to live in. Making you want to have one too. 

So, let's take at look at these 7+ Creative Tiny House Interior Design Ideas. Hope, you like this tiny house too!

Project: Tinyhousebaluchon

Name: Guillaume's tiny house

Loft design is the best opt


Utilizing vertical space is the best way to get more space in a tiny house. You can divide the zone clearly. The lower area as an activity room, such as the living room, kitchen, and dining area. Meanwhile, the loft part used as a bed only. Instead of using a folding staircase to the loft bedroom, the design of the stairs also made as a multi-storey storage. That way, the owner still has enough storage space.

Black things that add dynamic

Almost all house constructions made of wooden plank. Avoid the impression of monotony by choosing some furniture in contrasting color and textures from tiny house buildings. Black thing is the best choice. This black color will look striking, and makes the interior design more modern, elegant and sturdy.

Add art painting


'Living with less' is not the same as a tiny house that look so soulless. Add decorations to make a tiny house more lively and lively. For example, you can hang an art painting on the wall, right after the entrance. This art painting will welcome you and give you a better feeling when you enter the house.

Space-saving folding dining table

When the space is so narrow, but you need an additional table, a folding table is the solution. This folding table can be used as a dining table. When not in use, you can fold it back, and you'll have an extra space that makes the room more spacious.

Add mini bar

Bring features that complement happiness at your tiny house. If you like to enjoy your favorite drink, make a mini bar in it. Here, the owner can mix coffee or any drink she/he like.

Handy wine rack with cork holder


This handy and unique wine rack is another proof to take a tiny house into the next level. 

Cozy bedroom loft

Move the bedroom loft! You'll find a bed without frame but still look so cozy. Thanks to the textures, colors and patterns that look so enchanting there.  This bedroom also has an awning window, which you can open when you want to enjoy the morning air without having to get out bed.

The tucked bathroom


Last but not least, the bathroom. This bathroom will remind you of the boat's bathroom. But, of course, with more cleanliness and comfort. The vertical space used as place to hang a floating shelf for toiletries. The owner also place a unique mirror that enhance the beauty of this tiny bathroom.

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