7 Creative Ideas for Designing a Small Terrace | the way for bigger look and comfort spot

Homiful.com -- The terrace is one of the spots that need to be considered in its design because the terrace is an area that is at the very front, so that the appearance of the terrace will represent the concept and style of the house. It doesn't matter how large your terrace is, as long as it has the right design and decoration, of course it will create a charming appearance. For those of you who want to decorate a small terrace, see the following article about 7 Creative Ideas for Designing a Small Terrace.



Small Terrace on Budget


The first design on a small terrace appears from a small house with a limited area. Even so, this terrace still maximizes its area well and comfortably. This terrace design is suitable for those of you who want to present a shady terrace at an affordable price. The use of an alderon roof makes the roof still have maximum function and does not need to cost a lot, and the installation is fairly easy.

Small Garden in Front of the Terrace


The second terrace design has a small size and utilizes the area as an outdoor living room as well as a comfortable relaxing spot. Adding freshness and the right view, on the vacant land in front of the terrace, you can turn it into a garden with the right landscaping too.



Use of Matching Colors


Having a small size, this terrace has a beautiful and harmonious appearance by using a soft peach color combined with a color that has a sharper tone to create a blend that is not monotonous. The existence of an elevation on the floor, makes this terrace using different tiles. In the lower area, the use of tiles with abstract natural stone motifs creates a unique and natural look on the terrace.



Simple Ventilation on the Terrace


Not only focused on its small size, this terrace is designed to provide benefits for the interior of the house. The existence of ventilation, is designed on the roof, not owned by the terrace. The use of light ventilation is intended so that the interior has a spacious and bright impression.



Minimalist Outdoor Living Room


Has a monochrome feel, this next small terrace uses its area as an outdoor living room which is equipped with iron chairs that have a minimalist design with matching colors, thus creating a beautiful appearance. Not to forget, the presence of plants on this terrace has a neat arrangement, so that it can be a decoration that refreshes the surrounding air.



Relaxed Bohemian Style


Bohemian style is usually synonymous with the impression of being relaxed and free. The use of the Bohemian style applied to this one terrace makes this area suitable for relaxing. Equipped with a rattan chair with a floral motif, the presence of plants around it makes the natural impression shine even more.



Terrace with Beautiful Plant Decorations


The last terrace design that you can apply has a colorful appearance with turquoise green and purple which has a soft tone, so that the combination of these two colors looks unified and not boring. Not only that, the presence of plants on this terrace is one of the focal points. You can place this plant arrangement on the floor, shelf, and also hanging.




This is the review of 7 Creative Ideas for Designing a Small Terrace. From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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