7 Creative Idea Small Landscape on the Ground

7 Creative Idea Small Landscape on the Ground

Homiful.com -- The design of the landscape in the house needs to be created wisely. There are many ways to design landscape at home, especially on the ground, either at small or large size. You can expand a little space that is still empty so that you can create an attractive and anti-boring design style. Also take advantage of other important elements such as ornamental plants, rocks to a little additional decorative accent. Check out his interesting ideas below:


Pattern with wall plants


The latest design for small landscaping in your home can be more dynamic with various natural elements. Starting vertical walls as a place for ornamental plants, to the soil covered in coral rocks. This open landscape is very helpful for each corner to get the perfect sun irradiation.

Simple landscape, but beautiful


The next idea is very interesting as an example. Neat arrangement only with the arrangement of pots filled with cacti on a stretch of fresh grass and coral rocks. Industrial style is so dominant and so beautiful designs meet the walls of geometric patterns.

Add trees to the landscape


Scatter the yard at home with the perfect natural illusion. Show the details of the landscape with rocks that are bounded by wood panels and form a square.

Landscape frame with plants


This area will be interesting with complete components. Ornamental plants become landscape frames covered in coral rocks and trails. Vertical accent garden can be the choice to frame the area.

Behind a stone fence


Create a new landscape design in the house with evenly accented rocks. As in the fence of the house, behind it looks beautiful neatly arranged landscape arrangement with rocks and ornamental plants.

Add a fishpond


Make your landscaping with beautiful details interesting and beautiful to look at. Stacking, a hot desert style that remains soothing with the presence of fishpond. This idea will be interesting for a small corner of the landscape.

Separate with brick


Make your landscape look impressive at every corner. Separate with neatly arranged bricks and form indents. Differences in this landscape you can hoard with coral rock or expanses of ornamental grass.

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