7 Creative Appliances Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Homiful.com -- Talking about setting up a small kitchen is indeed more challenging. Especially about kitchen storage. A small kitchen only has limited space to store various kitchen appliances. This limitation makes us have to be more creative in determining storage that is practical saving-space, but does not make the kitchen look weird and piled up.

That's why, we've prepared an interesting review about kitchen appliances storage ideas. These ideas will help you in organizing a small kitchen. Just keep reading for 7 Creative Appliances Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens.

1. Practical storage: Cabinet under the stove


Storage of appliances in the cabinet is a classic way. However, this method won't make your kitchen go out of style. In fact, your small kitchen will look neat. Provide enough cabinets to accommodate cooking utensils. Position the cabinet right under the stove to make it easier for you when you want to take it. 

2. Minimalist floating shelf


If the cabinet is not enough to accommodate cooking appliances, just make use of the walls. You can install a minimalist shelf right above the stove. Choose a sleek design in accordance with the single-wall-kitchen layout. This storage is more practical than a cabinet. You don't have to open and close the cabinet door to get the furniture you need. 

3. Make it look so pink


Give a playful touch to small kitchen storage. You can create wall storage, either with floating shelves or open-top cabinets. Pick pink as finishing touch into this storage. You can also put your collection of pink furniture to make it look harmonious. All pink storage will make a small kitchen corner look more adorable. 

4. Double duty backsplash


Backsplash kitchen can do much more than that. You can use it as an additional storage. It's easy. Attach rods with hooks to hang your kitchen appliances. Its position above the sink makes it easier to put it back when you finish washing it. Don't worry, if pots and pans are stain-free, this will be a unique way to make your kitchen more lively. 

5. DIY Storage with Wooden Board


It's time to be more creative in DIY ideas. You can make a creative appliances' storage with wooden board like this one. The wooden boards firmly fixed to the wall. You don't have to punch holes in your walls, either. Attach the hooks to wooden planks for you to hang the kitchen appliances. This way, you'll get a unique and handy kitchen storage in a small kitchen.

6. Additional Rack


Use additional shelves to store other kitchen furniture. Choose a standing shelf design with 4-levels to store more furniture in it. This standing shelf is perfect for small kitchens. Make a small kitchen look more tidy and clean. 

7. Versatile storage 


Today, there are many versatile storage designs for small kitchens. One of them, this cutlery rack. This rack not only has a container for cutlery, but also a certain place for kitchen knives. Small in size, it will fit in a tiny corner in your small kitchen. 

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