7 Cheap and Easy Herb Garden Ideas

Homiful.com -- Making a herb garden is a nice idea to do. You will get a herb that can be processed for cooking. Some herb also produce pleasant fragrance that gives your home a refreshing aroma. Even more, herbs are small plants. You can even make a small space into an easy and tiny herb garden. No need to pay a big cost,, you can make a herb garden in cheap and easy ways.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's make a herb garden at home! For more ideas, take a look at these 7 Cheap and Easy Herb Garden Ideas.


1.  Used retro tins as planter


Instead of buying new pots for your herbs plants, just use used food cans. You just hole out the bottom, filling with nutritious soil and planting herbs. Let the herbs grow by itself. Arrange these tins neatly. It would be better if the cans of herbs have a striking retro color like this. 

2. Cute cups for cute herb gardens


There is nothing prettier than herbs growing on this kind of planter. You just need to use adorable cups to plant herb seeds. Place them on the wooden place mat. Mark each cups with a mini picture of herbs, so you don't misidentify it. You can save it anywhere, including on the kitchen shelf. This method is fun, even done with your little one.

3. Herb rack for small-space garden


If you want a more lush herbs plant, bring them out. Plant it in a normal size pot or container. Run out of space to place them? Try placing on a special shelf for your herbs plants. There, you can grow chocolate mint, thyme, sage and more. It is okay to put the Petunias there, this flower will help to add color to this herb rack.

4. Vertical herb garden


Use an outdoor empty-wall into a beautiful herb garden. Attach the herb's potted plant on a wooden board. You can arrange it with a wide enough distance, so it looks neat. Make the vertical wooden planks in white, so the herb garden has a nice contrast.

5. Unique planter for herb garden


Get creative with your herb garden at home. You can make it whatever you like. For example, planting herb plants in a container in the form of this unique planter. This planter resembles of miniature bathtub. It is quite-small, you can easily move it as needed. You can place it on a kitchen or dining table, and pick herbs as required for dinners.

6. Tiny herb garden on kitchen


Herbs are most often used as cooking spices. These herbs add aroma and flavor to your cooking. So, making a herb garden in the kitchen is the best idea. You don't have to complicated yourself. Just plant the herbs on the pot, then placed it on table near the window kitchen.

7. Herb garden in a metal container


You can cultivate herbs in a metal container like this. You can plant more than one kind of herbs here. With the right care, these herbs will grow lush. When fully ready, you can make it as a gift (along with the container) for someone who loves to cook. They must be happy.

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