7 Bunk Bedrooms Ideas For Your Little Darlings


Homiful.com --  For those of you who live in a small house or apartment, of course, it is often problematic when designing a room that remains functional. A room with a small size requires you to be smarter when designing it.

One that you can apply is to design a bunk bedroom for a child's room. Here we have summarized 7 bunk bedrooms ideas door your little darlings that can inspire you!

1. Bunk bedrooms shades of purple


Create a bunk bedroom design for a attractive children's room with a stunning combination of lighting. The bottom in addition to being used as a bed, you can use as a place to play and learn. Shades of purple give a more luxurious bedroom look.

2. Minimalist children's bedroom 


Children's bedrooms don't always use bright colors. White will also look charming in the child bedroom. Give a touch of wood that makes the room more homey.

3. Blue theme children's bedroom


Want to bring a cooler bedroom atmosphere? Try using soothing shades of blue. This bunk bed designed multifunctional with cabinet. Bunk bed models like this will help you save space.

4. Boy's bedroom Captain America


Designing a child's bedroom is actually easy. You can discuss it with your little darlings, about what their favorites are. The apply it to the idea of the interior of the bedroom.

5. Pastel-themed children's bedroom


A bedroom with a pastel touch will look perfect for your little darlings. The bedroom filled with a soft pink color that is suitable for girls. The remaining part of the room, you can sue as a study room.

6. Bedroom and playground


Combining perfectly a sleeping area with a play area is the next interesting idea. These children's bedroom has a fun interior design an edgy look in shades of yellow, white, and blue.

7. Cheerful bedroom


The idea of the last bedroom, filled with a touch of yellow that brings a more cheerful atmosphere of the room. Complete with bean bag for a comfortable place to relax.

That's 7 bunk bedrooms ideas for your little darlings that you can try to apply at home. From the example above, which is your favorite?

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