7 Best Mini Succulents - variant can make attractive and happy ambience

Homiful.com -- Succulents are a special nature beauty. They can grow tiny, even perfect for a corner plant on your little table. Beyond that, some succulents are visually stunning. They are so beautiful, you might even think that even these succulents are artificial ornamental plants. 

If you are a succulent lover or new with succulents, we present a review of 7 Best Mini Succulents. You are lucky enough to have one of them. 

1. Crasulla Red Pagoda 


Crasulla Red Pagoda (Crasulla corymbulosa) has a unique and beautiful shape. This succulent grows upward. looking like a pagoda. The red-green gradient color makes this succulent stand out more. Like any other succulents, this crasulla red pagoda have thick fleshy tissue to store water. The lovely succulent prefer full sun or partial sun. When the soil is dry, water it thoroughly. 

2. Moonstone


Moonstone succulent have many color variations, ranging from striking colors such as pink to natural green. This is a mini succulent, it will only grow to a size below 15 cm. It is a mini succulent that perfect to be placed indoor. This succulent plant can produce star-shaped flowers with a green color that is so charming. 

3. Echevaria


There are at least 150 species of echevaria succulents. They are loved for their stunning rosette-shaped with pointy tip and smooth leaves. The shape will remind you of a blooming flower. This succulent is also easy to care for. It can grow up to 12 inches (31cm). You can place a variety of echevaria in one container. Starting from black prince, tippy pink, pulldonis, doris taylor and more echevaria. One container will make a wonderful mini succulent garden

4. Black Prince


The Black Prince is a type of Echevaria succulent. They are much loved for their black color with firm and sturdy looking texture. It is a low grower succulent. The Black Prince has a rosette that can grow up to 3 inches. This plant can also produce offsets or The Black Prince's babies. Just never let water remain on its rosette, as this case will make this succulent rot or have fungal disease. 

5. Star flower


Star flower succulent or Stapelia Obea produce a star-fish looking flowers. This succulent plant native to Southern Africa. The flower shape will remind us of corpse lily flower. Uniquely, this star flower also have the same rotting odor as the corpse lily. This succulent is very drought tolerant. They are suitable for use as ornamental plants in cold climates. 

6. Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii


Another unique mini succulent from South Africa. This succulent belongs to the cactus species. This cactus is so striking with its Red Cap that it even looks like the cactus' hair. It prefers in full to partial sun. However, it is okay if you brought this plant indoor, they will also live well. 

7. Crasulla capitela


Crasulla capitella is also being known as Red Flames or Campfire Plant. This succulent grows upward, looking like a mini pagoda. To make it have the best look, bring the Crasulla capitella in a partially shaded area at least 6 hours. Just be careful! Some part of this plant is toxic for animals and humans. 

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