7 Best Indoor Trees (and Tropical Plants) to Grow in Your Living Room

7 Best Indoor Trees (and Tropical Plants) to Grow in Your Living Room

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants that are inside the house are no less interesting with the garden outside the house, whose function as decorating the environment and making the heat becomes more muffled. Even just by putting tall plants in the living room will make the impression of a tropical oasis. But there are things to note to care for the plant with low light and regular watering to make it thrive. Well, to see what tall plants can decorate the living room at home, check out the review below:

Dragon tree


Known as the dragon tree, this plant is attractive with red-eyed leaves like a green sword. This plant belongs to the group whose care is easy, dry resistant and almost indestructible. It has small white flowers in spring and grow up to about 20 feet in warm outdoor climates. Keep away from the animal sighting because it is toxic to the animal if ingested.

Fishtail Palm


The palm of the tail of this fish is a typical palm that consist of about twelve species planted as ornamental plants. The flowers appear in many branched shades with flowers of beige or green color. The leaves or shedding are long, about 7 with a very distinctive fishtail shaped leaflet.

Tree Fern


Fern trees are one of the relatively primitive fern groups and are striking plants of moist tropical forest. It grows very tall from nature with large furry fern leaves on a feathered 'stem' or wood. Make sure if this plant gets bright light, plenty of water and high humidity.

Dracaena Fragrance


Dracaena fragrance is a genus of ornamental plants that are widely planted and have many types. Dracaena with a shape similar to woven bamboo and red ribbon decoration. With its beauty and benefits, Dracaena is considered once a potential crop worth exporting. Plants are popular as indoor plants and are able to absorb NO gas and convert into NO2, CO2, and CO.

Fiddle leaf fig


This violin leafy fig tree is an ornamental plant that comes from Africa and include elegant plants with stiff leaves, not easily fall out even thought it is old and yellowing. Plants that like sunlight you can place in the corner of the area near the window. This plant can grow as tall as 6 feet that you can plant in a pot with a relatively easy nursery.

Norfolk Island Pine


Next is the pine tree that is usually used for Christmas as an ornamental plant. To grow this plant, you need to be aware of the important things about pine. It is not cold resistant and is a tropical plant that can tolerate temperatures below 35 degrees F.

Bird of paradise


This plant is almost similar to a banana tree. But this plant has a noticeable difference when it is in the flowers it has. Plants are found on tropical island and generally do not flower indoors. The characteristic of this plant have wide leaves with a fairly high size. It thrives in moist, moist soil with bright but indirect light.

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