7 Best Decorated Small Outdoor Balconies on Instagram

7 Best Decorated Small Outdoor Balconies on Instagram

Homiful.com -- A beloved balcony will be a dream and an interesting view to enjoy throughout the day  with family and relatives. A good idea to arrange a balcony in the house is not only located from the selection of decorations and furniture used. The openness of the balcony area can be transformed into an amazing, important area. You can model some balcony ideas from Instagram that are unique, beautiful and can be an example below.


Fun pop-art balcony


The first idea came from an owner who liked bright style and fun design. Pop-art themes are selected for the details of the decor along with greenery refreshing the eye view. This time you can relax calmly and comfortably without getting tired.

Elegant design of expensive style

musingwith meirys

It looks expensive with dark furniture. But this balcony design will be an attractive option to fill the void in the apartment space. Balcony railings are filled with artificial ornamental plants and even similar exterior lights.

Privacy balcony with cement


Who doesn't like a simple balcony with a very private area? Iron railings are replaced with cement casts that are covered, allowing no one to look up. The remains full and becomes an interesting idea with the completeness of the chair along with thematic design. Using land cover from rocks for ornamental grass, you can think again.

Add styles and functions


At the same time as a suitable function to relax, the balcony in this house will be very attractive, equipped with a new style that is more refreshing. With just one umbrella and one seat, you can add beautiful details in the form of hanging plants along the railing.

Friendly furniture


The narrow balcony design you can change regularly, starting from the selection of seats and planters available in the corner of the area. Adjust the decor to make it more attractive, and make sure to use medium-sized furniture only.

Egg shape chair


Rather than with just one regular chair, there is no harm in using something unique than any other. This egg shape chair will be comfortable and look beautiful decorative. Decorate with cushions as well as soothing aromatherapy candles.

Add a minimalist design


The last one you can make inspiration when you have a small balcony and very narrow. No need to try hard in the design arrangement. You're just enough to cover the surrounding area with artificial grass and ornamental plants around the railings.

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