7 Best and Popular String Succulent

7 Best and Popular String Succulent

Homiful.com -- Succulents are a type of plant that has easy and long-lasting care. In addition, the type of succulents that hang or trail are very popular and increasingly in demand. It can be planted anywhere even in hanging baskets, teapots, flower yards to add decorative arts to the walls. Whatever the type, you can see it below:

Crassula perforata


Crassula perforata or also can be called string of button is a bush plant. It grows well in the room, with facet-shaped leaves that can mutually caught and coiled around the stem so that it is piled up. Green gray leaf color with pink edges. It can grow up to 18 inches or 45 cm, is not cold resistant and is generally non-toxic to humans and pets.

String of Pearls


String of pearls come from South Africa, which is the dream of its beauty. Wherever the place is, this plant will be good because it can provide detention in the room. Stems that can grow up to 3 feet and can be left hanging or trailing. This plant when cut the stem will split in two even more and can grow continuously.

They grow in need of bright but indirect sunlight. And easy treatment like any other, you can water when the soil is dry only.

Donkey tail (Sedum Burrito)


This plant is a succulent trail that comes from southern Mexico. Known for its long and hanging stems covered in dense, plum green leaves. This foam plant grows about 12 inches and is very popular for use in hanging baskets. Plants that are easy to grow with fairly easy care, enough you provide a good flow of water.

Crassula 'Calico Kitten'


This plant is very beautiful because the leaves are red and heart-shaped. Sometimes, this plant has a combination of green, pink, purple and beige colors. Plants that are a favorite of many people will beautiful hanging on the terrace, interior or yard. When it gets full sunlight, the leaves will turn deep purple and produce white flowers.

String of Dolphins


This succulent is very interesting from it s dolphin-like shape. In the name alone, a string of dolphin with thick leaves and long tendrils hangs. Their blooming flowers are relatively inconspicuous and become dense plants inside hanging baskets or vertical. When growing up, this plants grows up to 6 inches and loves full sun exposure.

String of hearts

ness. plants

This is a vine succulent plant that has heart-shaped leaves. It is native to South Africa, which can reach a length of more than 183 cm. The leaves of this heart shape are pale green to dark green with beautiful motifs. It will look great and bushy in a hanging basket or as a table decorating container plant.

String of Banana


The following is a succulent commonly called a series of bananas originating from South Africa. Fast-growing plants with long stems reaching 3 feet or 90 cm. Form fresh green leaves with oval circles like mini green bananas. They will produce fuzzy flowers colors of white, lavender or sometimes yellow that resemble a string of pearls and the aroma is very sweet.

You can grow this plant by cutting the stems to multiply plant seeds. Because it grows as a vine, you can plant it in a hanging pot for the decoration of the corner of the room.

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