7+ Beautiful Types of Photos Plant Varieties

Homiful.com -- Caring for plants is an activity that is often done by many people. In addition to filling your spare time, you can use ornamental plants as decorations that refresh the room. One of the plants that has easy care and is able to freshen the air in the room is the pothos plant. In addition to having easy maintenance, this plant also has many types. For the types, see the following article about 7+ Beautiful Types of Photos Plant Varieties.



Manjula Pothos


This type of  manjula pothos plant has the scientific name Epipremnim aureum manjula which has a length of 15-30 cm. Her beauty appears from the heart-shaped leaves and color patterns that look beautiful with a combination of green and white. Not always with white dominating, in certain types of green can also dominate.



Cebu Blue Pothos


This next type has the scientific name Epipremnum pinnatum Cebu Blue, with dense leaves that will emit a metallic appearance when exposed to light. The leaves are arrow-shaped and have a lustrous bluish color with an attractive fiber pattern.



Jessenia Pothos


Has the scientific name Epipremnum aureum Jessenia, this type of pothos plant has a length of 3-8 feet with slow growth. The leaves are heart-shaped with a pointed tip. The preferred look is in the fresh and beautiful lime green color. Some variegate leaves have a marbled touch, and others are almost golden yellow.



Golden Pothos


The botanical name of this plant is Epipremnum aureum which is 5-12 feet long. This type is among the most popular because of its light lime-colored leaves with yellow variations. The leaf pattern has a lemon color with subtle signature strokes. You can use this plant in the corner of the room to brighten a shady room.


Marble Queen Pothos


This type of marble queen pothos has a length of 1-4 feet. It has variegated leaves, this type has more cream leaves with a touch of green. This plant likes bright indirect sunlight. The leaves are similar to the type of golden pothos but smaller.



Snow Queen Pothos


The next type that you should know is the snow queen pothos which has the scientific name Epipremnum aureum snow queen which has a length of 3-6 meters. This plant has stunning white leaves. This type is also often equated with marble queen because it looks similar at first glance. The visible difference is the white variety, which is more prominent in the type of snow queen pothos.



Neon Pothos


This neon pothos has an appearance as the name implies, where the colors appear bright with neon colors that will emit a distinctive light that is rarely found in other plants. The young leaves are lighter than the old leaves. This plant can also be grown in water. Otherwise, you can hang it on the basket.



Silver Pothos


Has the scientific name scinndapsus pictus, this plant has a length of 2-6 feet. This satin dairy pothos plant belongs to a different genus but is still considered a pothos variety. This silver pothos has dark green matte leaves that have silver spots, which is why this plant is known as silver pothos.

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