7 Beautiful Indoor House Plants That are Also Easy to Maintain

7 Beautiful Indoor House Plants That are Also Easy to Maintain

Homiful.com -- Combining greenery is very important for the decoration of the room that will liven up the atmosphere of the house. Even if you have a house that is less spacious, with ornamental plants can add an aesthetic look while providing positive benefits and giving a calmer effect and cleaning the air. But when choosing the type of indoor ornamental plants should be careful. No matter how expert you are in arranging ornamental plants, many ornamental plants that you can decide to fill the room. Here are some types:

ZZ Plant


ZZ plants require less water than many plants, so if you tend to neglect your plants, they can do well in these plants. It can develop in bright and indirect light, and strongly tolerates low light. So that this plant is suitable if placed in the room as a sweetener corner of the room. 

Dwarf plant


Arecaceae is a plant that is perfect for the room as a living room decoration. They will look perfect with a tropical impression that you can use with a medium size pot. In addition to having easy care, this plant will be beautiful to be near the window or get intense lighting without direct sunlight.

Golden pothos


Event, his plant is difficult to kill if you leave it without watering for a few days. Vines that are often sued as a corner decoration of the room such as bookshelves, partitions and walls can clean the air around the room. Become one of the favorite indoors plants for beautiful office desk decoration.

Philodendron Burle Marx Variegata


Plants that have many types and are difficult to kill are philodendrons. It's beautiful to put in the room, even on a table. The perfect leaves with a fresh green color mixed with yellow become the center of attention and suitable to be placed in all rooms.

Snake plants


Named Sansevieria and known as snake plants, which is one type of plant with easy care that can clean the air. Vertically grown plants are ideal for giving the color of the corner of the room in the house. This plant can grow well in various light conditions and is best if placed in a shady place, and avoids direct sunlight. With easy care, this plant comes from the desert and can survive long without water.

Fiddle fig 


The potential of this plant can grow large and beautiful to become an indoor plant with large leaves and bright colors. It is usually also called the violin plant because its leaves are like a violin that forms. Take care of it with certainty and regularly, you can prune the branches and leaves regularly.

Peace lily


Next is the peace lilies plant, which is a favorite plant of many people. And is a favorite indoor plant that will make the room more beautiful and attractive. The advantage that you can get when choosing this plant as a room filler is being able to clean the air with fairly easy care. It can grow at dawn under neon light. So it is suitable for any room without full sunlight.

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