7 Amazing Garden with Decorative Stone Ideas and Designs

7 Amazing Garden with Decorative Stone Ideas and Designs


Homiful.com -- There are many ways to beautify the home environment with decorations or displays. Including an outdoor garden that will present a more attractive impression and visuals. Reinforced with natural rock that do not need a lot of water for its maintenance, home gardens are very easy to place in various place. One of them is outside or inside the house. You can use even small spaces for the garden around the house. Of this inspiration, you can see the following:

Minimalist and cozy


The design of the garden of the house with this stone looks beautiful thoroughly. Made to circle the backyards of the house that produces aesthetic and luxurious visuals. The garden is only covered in ornamental grass in the middle area, reinforced with bonsai plants on the edge of the fence. The footpath accents is also very attractive for pedestrians who do not like the rough rocks in the legs.

Simple and open


With a fully open concept. Garden design that uses rocks to cover this land you can make an option. Combined beautiful with various types of ornamental plants and shady tree plants. Take advantages of empty space in the yard to make a dry garden without the need for a lot of water. That way the plant of choice such as the snake plant and cactus becomes the winner.

Beautiful Japanese style


The Japanese theme for your modern garden at home is very easy to create. Change the arrangement using coral rock appendages that are larger. Create a corner of the yard with a gazebo design and fill the garden using grass and bonsai plants.
Or with an ornamental pool is one of the interesting ideas.

Aesthetically beautiful visuals


The next garden is in front of the house that will be the object of the eye looking. Minimalist garden with elements of rocks and beautiful green bonsai plants. Without other element, you can use the middle are for a beautiful fishpond or fountain.

Rock, grass in void areas


One garden that is under the void area is very refreshing for natural elements in the house. A plot of land filled with rocks, plants and grasses and a beautiful vertical garden concept.

Romantic with tumblr lights


Present a romantic impression around the home garden with beautiful Tumblr lights. Still with a fresh green feel of land covered in ornamental grass and hanging ornamental plants and boxwood. Differentiate the land for plants and road access to make it beautiful.

Dry garden concept with rocks


Beautify the landscape with a small garden in a beautiful house. Using the dominant natural rock elements, you can choose it with a grouping of grays and colors that you can model like the landscape in general.

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