7 All the Different Varieties Of the Syngonium


7 All the Different Varieties Of the Syngonium

Homiful.com -- Syngonium or arrowhead is a type of plant that is currently being targeted by lovers of ornamental plants in a favorite to fill the yard. It is one of the tropical plants with a unique appearance and beautiful color. And here are some varieties of syngonium that you deserve to have, including lovers of ornamental plants.

Syngonium Wendlandii


Syngonium wendlandii includes ornamental plants that are very easy to care for. Its rapid growth, because this plant grown vines and has wind roots. Not many who modify this plant to grow and more attractive.

This hearth-shaped and oblong leaf has strong white leaf buds and is in stark contrast to the color of emerald green leaves. The content of this plant is creepy and is very suitable to hang in the corner of the room.

Syngonium Pink Robusta


The next type is the robusta pink syngnonium plant, which is famous its color. As the name implies, this type of robusta pink has reddish green leaves resembling pink.

Syngonium Strawberry Ice


In addition to having a unique name, syngonium strawberry ice also has a beautiful and unique shape at once. The base of the leaves is dark green and sometimes this pink pattern is like a strawberry. The shape of the liver leaf with a pointed tip, but this leaf appears slightly visible and has thin folds different from other types.

Syngonium Milk confetti


The characteristic of ornamental plants' syngonium milk confetti is its leaves that are entirely green milk color. Therefore, this plant is called milk confetti with pink spots. Hybrids are relatively new and very sought after.

Syngonium Pink splash


Syngonium pink flash instantly look similar to flecked pink syngonium, but it turns out to have differences. The leaves in syngonium pink splash have a green leaf base with a pink patterns. These ornamental plants can adapt well to indoor conditions.

Syngonium Podophyllum


Common species cultivated as ornamental plants with leaves of dark green color without variegation. The inner leaves are green and usually with various types of lighter tannins. Some cultivars are diverse, being the main difference and breadth of beige or white marks.

Have small, green or white flowers on spades in light yellow through the green spathe.

Syngonium Pink Flecked


The latter is a flecked pink syngonium looks very charming with a unique motif on the surface of its leaves. This plant has a pink leaf base with a stunning green pattern. With this blend of contrasting colors creates beautiful plants in the yard.

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