10 Types Of Succulent You Should Grow


Homiful.com -- Succulents are one type of ornamental plant that is popular in many circles. Succulents often used as home decors. They have many types and all are beautiful, you can choose according to your wishes. 
Succulent care is also easy, suitable for beginner gardeners. To help you get, the following references are 10 type of succulent you should grow at home!

1. Burro's tail


Burro's tail is a beautiful hanging plant. The will grow long hanging perfectly on the pot. This succulent has low maintenance, recommended for you beginners

2. String of heart


Another charming trailing succulent is String of heart. They have beautiful leaves like hearts with a touch of pink. Place them near the window, for healthy grow.

3. Crown of thorns


Crown of thorns or Euphorbia Milli. This plant has stunning flowers with bright colors. They have easy treatment, you can water them enough. Not too much.

4. Snake Plant


Who doesn't know Snake plants? They are plants that can even live low light. It is often used as a Indoor plant. They can also be a good air filter.

5. Hoya Heart


As the name implies, Hoya heart has a heart-like leaf shape. Hoya heart is an indoor plant with a stunning look and low maintenance.

6. Jade Plant


Jade plants are one type of succulent that is popular for home decors. Their leaf shape is unique with a refreshing color.

7. Moonstone Succulent


This succulent has a petite shape with beautiful pink shades. Moonstone succulent often used for decorating the bedroom.

8. Echeveria


Echeveria is a succulent with the most beautiful shape. Echeveria will grow well in direct sunlight. IF placed in the room, leave them near the window.

9. Zebra plant or Haworthia


Zebra plants or Haworthia have a zebra-like shape and pattern. They are often used as sweeteners for study tables, living rooms, and other spaces.

10. Panda Plant


Panda plant or Kalanchoe tomentosa has beautiful leaves covered by thin fur. The combination of green and red colors on the edges of the leaves displays a charming succulent.

Those are the 10 types of succulent you should grow that can inspire you. From the type above, where's your favorite?

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