Top 7 Plants for Hanging Baskets / Hanging Plants for Indoor -- If you run out of space to display your plants, consider hanging them. Some types of plants are very suitable when hanging, instead of being placed in ordinary pots. Some of these plants usually have small, lush leaves that will liven up your vertical space. 

If you're looking for great hanging plant ideas, here are Top 7 Plants for Hanging Baskets / Hanging Plants for Indoor.

DIY hanging trailing plant


Get creative with the turtle wine plant. You can arrange this plant to hang beautifully in a unique spiral shape. This DIY hanging plant uses used items, such as a fan cover with hooks, that hang the turtle wine plant beautifully. This method is a great way to get unique and fresh green curtains.

Tradescantia Nanouk


This purplish foliage is also called as Fantasy Venice. This plant is trending on Instagram, thanks to its beautiful leaves of green, silvery and purplish color.  The white stripes make the plant so eye-catching even when hanging. The plant can live in bright, indirect sunlight or full sun. This plant is a poisonous plant for children and pets. Hanging the plant is the best option to avoid the kids and pets to swallow the leaves.

String of Hearts


String of hearts is Cerpegia woodii. A beautiful succulent plant to add in any living space. It is included as  low-maintenance plant. Despite its small and fragile appearance, this plant is actually quite-strong. This plant can be grown in almost any home and can also be hung, making it a great living decorations.

Spider Plant


Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosom) is a hanging plant that is a smart solution for decorating a small room. It can be a fresh decoration that absorbs the toxic air. There is a type of curly spider plant that is so lush and unique. In healthy conditions, the curly spider plant will develop small plantets on its long stems. The mom and the babies spider plant would like great on a hanging basket.

Platycerium Ridleyi


Ridley's staghorn fern is indeed very suitable to be hung or displayed on the walls of the house. This fern will remind you of the strong and dashing antlers of a deer. This plant need frequent watering. They also prefer good-quality light. It's a slow-growing plant, but the plant can offer a gallant view to the home.



Petunia flowers can be identified by flower petals that resemble trumpets with single or double crowns. It has many range color variations, from red, yellow, white, blue and purple. Making petunia one of the best plant for hanging baskets. In its prime condition, this plant looks beautiful growing from the hanging basket.  

Cotyledon pendens


Cotyledon pendens is also being known as Cliff Cotyledon. It has unique leaves and flowers. This plant is so adorable, like plum little candies that fall from the basket. Cotyledon pendens need less water, just like other succulents plant. Place it in a sunny position at home without direct sunlight.

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