The Perfect 12 Plant for Your Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Plant for Your Zodiac Sign -- Some people believe ornamental plants planted around the house describe the personality of the owner. To help with this, you can consider using astrology to determine your best houseplant based on your nature, habits and personality.

We've compiled a list of the best plants for each zodiac sign, you can see below:

Aries - Agave


Succulent leaves of most agave have sharp marginal teeth, sharp bones and partially fibrous. Having a sturdy and usually short stem can make the plant seem untangled.

As an Aries zodiac sign with an immersive, independent, dynamic and competitive reputes, this plant is perfect for Aries.
In fact, this plant produces most flowers of short tube shape.

Taurus - Philodendron


As a sign of the earth that is watered by Venus, the planet of beauty, the Taurus zodiac may be open to acquiring a wide variety of plant life including ornamental plants.

For those of you who are Taurus, will enjoy the most relaxing plants that support and encourage these needs. Philodendron plants, which are easy-to-care ornamental plants, offer beautiful visuals that can attract the corner of the room. Which is fertile as long as it is planted in a sunny place and often watered.

Gemini - Air Plant


The name of this plant may seem compatible, but if fits perfectly with your personality. Air plants are adaptable in all short of situations. This is a trait reflected in air plants. Small flowers do not have complicated roots and do not need to be planted in the soil. This plant is perfect for those of you who have a very flexible zodiac sign in your own life.

Cancer - String of Pearls


The best ornamental plants for Cancer are string of pearls. It is not pleasant to see its small bulbs that spill everywhere, this plant also easy maintenance and can adapt to as large exposure to light, and they are around the house. Plus, it has small white flowers and a pleasant aroma.

Leo - Burro's Tail


Known to have a dynamic social life, ambitious career goals, and a love of shelf-care, Leos may be better off with easy-to-care easy plants and not fussy. This burro's tail type succulent looks lush with hanging grows. It has thick, juicy bean-like stems.

Virgo - Parlor Palm


With a reputation for being neat, organized, clean and health conscious. Virgo certainly knows ornamental plants that can increase the air cauldron in the room. And that plant is parlor palm. It is not wrong to choose this plant, which is interesting to make a lush and resuscitated impression. It doesn't matter if it's also placed indoors or outdoors.

Libra - Prayer Plant


Libra was born under the air sing them embattled by Venus, the lover of beauty. With amazing charm, prayer plant can be one of the best plants for Libra. It offers beautiful leaf motifs, such as peacocks that bloom valiantly.

Scorpio - Snake Plant


Scorpio is a water sign that is emotionally intuitive and naturally sensitive and able to adapt to the needs o nature. So Scorpio will definitely find ornamental plants that are easy and suitable for all places. The plant is a snake plant. With easy care, when you take care of him lovingly and give him enough water, this plant will bloom at the right time.

Sagittarius - Jade Plant


Sagittarius will probably enjoy plant that reflect the heart of a big, adventurous enthusiast who challenges to hone his ambitions. The best plants for Sagittarius is the jade plant. It is a plant that tends to survive during difficult times. This plant can blend it any theme of the room that can provide calm in any situation.

Capricorn - Pilea


Capricorn may have an innate green thumb, considering not just the earth sign, but ruled by Saturn's task set. With stubborn nature and high value of hard work, this Pilea plant is perfect for you. With this coin-like leaf shape is known as a carrier of luck and abundance for its owner. This is one of the plants that is said to bring positive energy to the house based on Feng Shui.

Aquarius - Hypoestes


Aquarius may be considered one of the more unique signs in the zodiac world. Entering will be like that, because you are very attracted to attention. As a compliment you can choose a beautiful Hypoestes plant with an interesting collection of leaves ranging from white, green, pink and red.

Pisces - Peace Lilly


Pisces believes plants have their own fascination with their natural beauty. Romantic is born of Pisces and loves something. You can find your beautiful plant friends from this peace lilies. It offers beautiful and timeless flowers, very beneficial for the interior of the room that helps restore air.

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