Recommended 7 Type Of Begonia Plant that so Beautiful

Recommended 7 Type Of Begonia Plant that so Beautiful -- Begonia plants are one type of ornamental plants that are widely targeted by many lovers of ornamental plants. In addition to being a dream because of its beautiful appearance and provide aesthetic value if placed in a space. This plant is also believed by some people if it can give more luck. Flexible plants are placed in the room or yard of the house and hung, this remains beautiful in various corners of the room.

For those of you who want a year if type from begonias, check out the following reviews:

Red Begonia Rex


This begonia Rex plant is knows as painted leaf begonia, which has the most recognizable variant by lovers of ornamental pants. Plants with many varieties are dominant with a beautiful leaf color compared to other plants. Some characteristics of this Rex Begonia plant are enriched with many colors that tend to be bright, leaf patterns and diverse size.

Begonia Maculata


The next plant is begonia maculata. This plant, often called the polka dot plant, has fantastic leaves with an olive green color and contrast spots. Plant that will most likely attract attention in this house have easy care. You can take care of this plant with indirect sunlight lighting that can be well drained when the soil is dry only. Plant fertilizers about 2-4 weeks with humidity levels and require periodic pruning.

Begonia Amphioxus


High popularity among livers of ornamental plants, begonia amphioxus that uses this originally grew in Kalimantan Indonesia. Its leaves, which are like butterfly wings, become to be most at home plants if placed in a greenhouse or terrarium with high humidity levels. But the care of these plants is not young. You see the guidebook first when you start taking care of it.

This plant will bloom with very amazing flowers for several times a year. 

Begonia Brevirimosa


The begonia plant of the breviriomosa type is a growing species belonging to the family genoniaceae. Beautiful plant with the perfect combination of botany and art. Treatment of the plant, begonia brevirimosa, with temperatures of about 60 and 85 degrees. Mix well-flowing soil, and give bright indirect light. You can specifically find this plant in Papua New Guinea which is striking. This fibrous plant ensures you have fertile and strict care.

Begonia Silver


This time it's very pretty for the corner of your house. Silver begonias that have large leaves with thin identation at the edges of the leaves are very distinctive with silver color and mixed slightly red at the top. Plants that are lush and thrive for you to have, will have easy care with special attention.

Begonia Benitochia


This plant with the name begonia benitochiba is a compact year plant, forming mounds, always green and often planted as an indoor plant. The leaves are silvery gray with dark green veins, blushing pink when young, and salmon-pink flowers in late winter or early spring.

Begonia Lucerna


Begonia lucerna is an old classic plant called angel wing begonia. Plants with large plantings and often flowering. Olive green leaves with small silver spots on the top and red on the bottom. Red to pink flowers depend on the amount of light they can. This darker flower with height appears in large groups hanging from the stem. This plant is easy to grow and bread that reaches 6 to 8 feet tall.

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