How to Grow Pothos Leaves Into Giants

How to Grow Pothos Leaves Into Giants -- Caring for ornamental plants outside or indoors not only needs to be given nutrients, but also needs extra care. In addition to giving the impression of shade, plants will make the area around the house more beautiful and refreshing.

One of the ornamental plants that have easy snack is pothos. And this plants is one of the ornamental plants that are suitable for  beginners. Pothos are also large leafy plants to choose from. But to make the leaves bigger, you can listen to some reviews to grow the leaves below:

Choose the right variety


If you want to get pothos plant with larger leaves, you can decide to natural varieties with large leaves. There are two varieties of Hawaiian and golden pothos. This plant has large green leaves with a combination of beige color and thick stems. Both varieties love direct sunlight and a room that is closed for few hours only.

Do cutting on pothos plant


There are other ways you can make this pothos have large leaves. You can do plant cuttings from pothos whose leaves are large and will grow new plants. All new plants produced from these cuttings will have the characteristics of the parent plant, with its giant leaves.

Planting by propagation method (use pole for crutches)


If you need to know, pothos can have large leaves when growing vines. From its natural habitat, pothos plants propagate on trees and receive a lot of sunlight indirectly  and will produce giant leaves that get more nutrients from the sun.

You can use a buffer pole, pole or trellis so that pothos plants can propagate. By way of creeping, this is one of the secrets to having giant pothos leaves.

Choose the type of old pothos plant


When you want to have a pothos plant with larger leaves, choose a pothos plant that is about two years old or older. Because, at that age, this pothos plant has relatively leaves than younger ones.

Give fertilizer


Balance nutrients for pothos plant to encourage the growth of roots attached to trees or poles and produce larger leaves. Give it every four to eight weeks, and dilute a few drops of the hormone into water and spray it in the stem.

Lighting and watering


Must be balanced to raise soil moisture and the lighting that pothos receives. You can give a bright and indirect scattering or place a warm location to make the leaves bigger.

Pothos plants will be hampered when the water pooled in the pot, but when it is too dry will affect the growth of the leaves and the entire plants. Simply flush properly and provide drainage holes to avoid slat buildup in the pot.



With proper care, pothos will produce giant and beautiful leaves. But you still have to adjust the size of the plant and the use of the planting pot. So that it can grow optimally. Move plants to one or two larger pot sizes and mix 30 percent of the regular garden soil. Thoroughly flush after repotting and give lighting gently every morning and evening.

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