Easy Winter Survival Tips for Your Houseplants

Homiful.com -- Winter can be a tough period for houseplants. Extreme temperature fluctuations, less of light, not to mention zealous heating, all of these things can frustrate the plant more than other seasons.

We don't want our lovely houseplants to wither or even die in winter. That's why, we've gathered  5 handy and easy winter survival tips for your houseplants. These ideas are fairly easy and general to apply to the majority of indoor plants. We hope these various ideas can help your houseplants get through the cold winter.

1. Reduce watering intensity


Generally, plants need less water in winter. Avoid regular watering. Instead, you can do the finger test to determine the water needs of the plant. If the top of the soil feels dry to touch, you can water it. If the soil still feels damp, just leave it. Do finger test regularly to measure the water needs of your houseplants.

2. Keep away from droughts


Plants prefer constant temperatures. Avoid spots that are too cold or too hot. Because it can make plants wilt faster. The near snow-covered windows tend to be a cold spot, so you can avoid this spot for your plants.  Move them away from hot radiators or fires, too.

3. Add humidity


In winter, the humidity in our home is so dropped, so we need to put heating in the room. Mist the plants regularly with a spray of bottle. If you want to be more practical, you can invest in a special humidifier like this. A humidifier will automatically maintain the humidity of the air moist around the plant.

4. Let the light in


Plants still need natural light, be it direct or indirect light. Although not much, sunlight can still enter the house through the window. When that happens, you can place the plants near the window, so they get enough sunlight. 

5. Reduce plant fertilization


Some plants do not need to be fertilized in winter. Give fertilization break in winter. You can start again in the spring. For more detailed fertilization details, you can look for fertilizer references according to each plant.

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