Best Beautiful 7 'Elephant's Ear' or Colocasia Varieties

Best Beautiful 7 'Elephant's  Ear' or Colocasia Varieties -- Colocasia is an annual tropical plant known in the western world as elephant ears or taro. Ornamental colocasia is an important plant to make the room look tropical and boldern.

Of various varieties, this plant has the most basic differences such as the color, shape and size of the ears that are suitable for the garden or interior of the room. Of the many varieties, this plant has an interesting type with unique leaves that you can find in the review below:

Colocasia Esculenta "Black Coral"


Colocasia Esculenta 'Black Coral' belongs to the family Araceae. It can grow 3 to 4 feet tall. Commonly called the elephant ear, which is an eternal perennial, has the leaves of the shape of the heart to the shape of the arrowhead. Flashy veins, pointing down with long, sturdy stems.

These deep purple and shiny leaves can retain their color if they are in full sun. While other purple leaf cultivars can fade.

Colocasia Midori Sour


This bright and cheerful variety is Midori sour. Beautiful with lime yellow leaves with dark green accents and has an attractive easy red dot in the middle. This Midori Sour Colocasia can be up to 4-6 feet tall, which requires average watering and favors the sun rather than partial shade.

This plant is suitable to be planted in zones 4-6 as an annual plant. And is a seasonal plant because its growth is very fast, making it look dramatic on the landscape area in just one growing season.

Colocasia White Lava


The next is the Colocasia White Lava, which belongs to the group Araceae. Under the name scientific Colocasia Esculenta, this plant has large leaves that grow in tropical forests. Included in one of the ornamental plants that are difficult to find. This is what makes this plant very expensive compared to other plants.

Also, commonly called elephant ears, this plant is typical of large shiny green leaf colors, as the seasons, will be decorated with a beige to white wideband in the middle of each leaf and spread throughout the side veins.

Colocasia Black Magic


Having a stunning black color, this black magic Colocasia is beautiful with maroon plum leaves. But as we age, this plant becomes purple to black. With bold leaves, dark characters, have two uses at once.

Plants that can grow about 50 cm tall are still beautiful with heart-shaped leaves that thrive every day. You can enjoy it for indoor plants with lush leaves. Immediately transfer after summer into a pot or plant in the border or a shady and damp place.

Colocasia Pharaohsmask


Pharaoh's Colocasia mask is one of the interesting hybrids. This species has a slightly dark V vein in the middle of the leaf. These Colocasia can grow as high 4 to 5 feet. With stalks of dark black leaves and each leaf a dark green color with a nice reflective shine.

The main attraction of this plant is the contrasting black veins lifted from the leaves. This large and prominent vein gives a 3D effect.

As the leaves grow mature and mature, in the middle the leaves are pushed out, and the ends are pulled backwards, thus creating a unique leaf shape and texture.

Colocasia Mojito


Colocasia Mojito is known as an ornamental plant or elephant ear, found in the 17th century. It is a mutation of Colocasia Esculenta 'Midnight', known for its distinctive large, dramatic and arrow-shaped leaf shape. Growing tall upright, large leaves, round egg and variegated, this often has irregular marks with a very dark black to purple color.

Stem, with a light green line color, will fade and become pink. Can be planted as a marginal plant in a pond, pot or a damp room evenly.

Colocasia Lemon Lime Gecko


The latter is Colocasia Esculenta 'Lemon Lime Gecko' native to East Asia. Green heart-shaped leaves with lime green spots can be planted as a decoration of the room and also landscape. But you should not put this plant in direct sunlight. Again, do not water it too often to prevent root decay.

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