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Homiful.com -- Gardening is an activity that many people like to fill their free time. In addition to dealing with stress, gardening can also help refresh and give your home a green look. Not only on special land to present a garden, you can use various empty spots in your house as a charming garden. For those of you who don't have much vacant land, you can imitate the following ideas to create a garden, for that, see the following article about Beautiful Small Garden for Every Spot of the House.

Indoor Garden with Skylight Roof


Presenting a garden in the house is one option that you can apply to create freshness. Its presence in the house makes plants have more optimal and stable care. Use a skylight roof to be able to meet the intake of sunlight for your plants.

Garden on Terrace Stairs


This stunningly beautiful gardens sits on neatly arranged terrace stairs. The use of this area can also be used as a beautiful decoration to welcome visiting guests. The more beautiful it feels, each plant in this garden uses a pot so that it has easy maintenance with controlled growth.



Garden in the Window Area of the House


The next spot that you can use as a garden is the window area of the house. You can use iron nets to attach plant pots to windows. Not only attached to the window, add a variety of plants to the land around the window to further give the appearance of a complete green garden.



Leafy Green Terrace


The terrace is the right spot to bring a garden around the house. Shades of leafy green are displayed on this beautiful terrace. Hanging plants also make the terrace garden look even more charming. You can enjoy the presence of this garden as a refreshing view while relaxing on the terrace.



Green Balcony for Garden Spot


The balcony is one of the places that is often neglected and left empty without any function. However, you can use the balcony as a garden like this one. The use of shelves can make the arrangement of the garden on the balcony more tidy. Not only that, the addition of artificial grass further completes the appearance of the garden on this balcony.



A Garden with a Neat Arrangement


There are many types of dry gardens on the terraces with white potted planting media that match one another. This garden arrangement looks neat by hanging or placing it on a shelf. Leaving empty space in the middle of the area makes this park you can use to relax with your family.







This is the review of Beautiful Small Garden for Every Spot of the House. From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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