Beautiful Cordyline Types & Varieties Oh So Wonderful

Beautiful Cordyline Types & Varieties Oh So Wonderful -- Cordyline is also known as a ti plant. Excellent ornamental plants and little information about this treatment should only be planted indoors. But you can place this plant near a bright and warm window. Cordyline is a genus of plant native to the island of the Pacific and parts of Southeast Asia. There are about 15 species of annual plant that are always green and woody. Cordyline plants grow as ornamental plants that need warmth, bright and indirect sunlight, fertile soil and regular watering.

 Cordyline Fruiticosa 'Rubra'


Known as cordyline fruticosa rubra, it has entirely warm pink and rusty brown color. The wide and large carved leaves look slender.

This plant really has a beautiful blend of colors and put together for a splash of color. You can plant it in a shady position in a drainage-free garden. Flush regularly during the dry season. It is tall and 1-2 m wide x 0.5 m. This plant is a young tube plant that is as good and new roots are growing fast in the garden.

Cordyline  Australis Red Star 


Cordyline Australis is a stunning leaf plant with pointed, variegated leaves with thick cream lines and margins. This plant originating from New Zealand is perfect for terraces and other places on top of containers.

Cordyline Australis red star is a compact plant long, thin, curved leaves and a bronze red color that is always green. As an adult, this plant produces branches of ivory white flowers that are fragrant in the summer.

Cordyline Fruticosa Florida Red

Cordyline fruticosa florida red has a beautiful strip with a thorough dark red or purple color. The stems are upright, and the leaves are slightly tapered.

Cordyline Chocolate Queen


This queen's chocolate cordyline plant forms an upright stalk of unusually variegated green leaves stripped of white and beige. When the leaves ripen it will become red and the color is brown purple and deep red.

Cordyline is rather easy to grow in sunlight placed in a partial shade location of well-drained soil with average moisture. It's easy to multiply by cuttings.

Cordyline Terminalis


Cordyline terminalis is an ornamental plant used as an indoor decoration. Plants used as indoor pots with variegated leaves. It is known to be very strong to grow in area with nutrient-poor soil. It spreads and grows easily, even without proper care and cultural systems. Furthermore, it is also an evergreen bush plant that grows upright with slender or branched stems.

Cordyline Fruticosa


Cordyline is a woody ornamental monocot plant. Cordyline produces more color which with the system will in vitro planlet cordyline fruticosa 'Hawaiian flag' which is very weak and easily removed when washed with running tap water.

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