7 Update Dieffenbachia Plant You Should Know

7 Update Dieffenbachia Plant You Should Know

Homiful.com -- Dieffenbachia ornamental plants are ornamental plants that are easy to plant Because the easy treatment is suitable for beginners, lovers of ornamental plants. It's not just easy to plant. The varieties of this plant are very diverse, with  beautiful leaf colors, looking lush. Of the various types that have been discussed for some time, this time we will add the latest updates of the type of dieffenbachia plants that you can have.

Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow


This plant, commonly called tropical snow Dieffenbachia has large ornamental leaves with shades of dark green and light. Plants that can reach about 2-3 m tall can prefer bright lights filtered. You can water it thoroughly and let it dry a little between watering. This plant is the largest types of tropical snow Dieffenbachia amoene. They need moist soil and must be regular to be given fertilizer.

Dieffenbachia Memoria corsii


Dieffenbachia memoria corsii is a medium-sized houseplant and is very attractive because it has gray-green and white speckled leaves. This plant is often known as dumb cane or leopard lily. The easiest plant to grow and become one of the most common indoor plants. The lush leaves will be beige, yellow or white that makes this plant as a corner plant of the room that can reflect the atmosphere.

Dieffenbachia Green Magic


Dieffenbachia green magic is also very commonly known as dumb cane. The latest plants that can be added to the plant circle collection. Planting with white green leaves with white lines in the middle makes the plant very attractive and the center of attention.

Can grow up to 1 meter with a spread of 50 cm. This plant is very easy to care for and requires infrequent watering when compared to other indoor plants. Avoid this plant from direct sunlight.

Dieffenbachia Reflector


Dieffenbachia reflector is an amazing cultivar. Plants with large leaves and have striking color of bold and strong green patterns. The green nuances of this plant form a mosaic-like pattern of the entire surface of the leaves. Balanced with pure white spots that can create e beautiful camouflage-like appearance. Plants with very decorative cultivars are very popular and can be grown in a temperate room. This rare branched annual plant forms an upright stick similar to a palm.

Dieffenbachia Crocodile


This crocodile dieffenbachia is the outermost hybrid among dieffenchia. Plants with large round leaves and a beautiful camouflage appearance. Plants with green and white colors that form a very amazing mosaic-like pattern. The bottom of the leaves is very textured and resembles the skin of a crocodile. This plant is very popular because of this unique appearance and relaxed nature.

Dieffenbachia Maculata


The ornamental plant dieffenbachi maculata is part of the arum family that comes from the tropical rainforest of Central and South America. Plants with ornamental leaves are very popular to be one of the most famous leaf ornamental plants. This plant can grow up to 24 inches indoors. Plants with thick, short stems with large petiolat leaves that stand in a very tight atmosphere. Decorative leaves with a white or yellow-green color form and egg round with a length of about 9.84 inches with a pointed tip.

Dieffenbachia Tropic Mariane


This dieffenbachia tropis marianne plant comes from tropical America which has a hard plant sensitive to frost grown as an ornamental plant. This plant can grow about 9-15 inches tall with a plant spread of 4-8 inches. This tropic marianne plant has large, twisted, green leaves spots with white, beige or yellow patches.

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