7 Types of Haworthia Super Succulent for Small Space

7 Types of Haworthia Super Succulent for Small Space

Homiful.com -- Haworthia is a popular type of succulent from South Africa. This plant is generally east to cultivate, with a small size, easily tolerant to simply dissing than many other succulent plants. Succulent colors are very diverse from various color such as green, red, brown and some other interesting colors. With the characteristics of thin and hairy leaves, with a fat shape. You can see some type haworthia succulent in the description below:

Haworthia Cooperi "Black Muscle"


This plant is very beautiful from Hworthia Cooperi black muscle. The leaves of the fine light have a very interesting line with almost a pencil mark. This plant has a slightly blue color on the leaves if you pay attention. Another appealing part of this small succulent is the pointed shape of a leaf that looks like a gemstone lying on a window sill.

With its advantage, this ornamental plant can be located with low light. This plant is indeed very ideal to be a decoration of the windowsill that is in the house.

Haworthia Hybrid Variegated


The next beautiful is Haworthia hybrid variegated. Its pointed shape, thick with the tip, has thin fur that makes it a unique advantage.

The color of the leaves is interesting, from the green and with a list forming like a volcano has a yellow color at the base. If seen clearly, this leaf is slightly thin, hairy.

Haworthia Micahel Cocozza


The next type of haworthia succulent is michael cocozza. Plants with a pointy leaf shape that is slightly longer than the previous type has a rough-looking and sided leaf surface. This green color mixed with white forms patches that are quite visible. But this plant will be suitable to fill your desk at home.

Haworthia Obtusa Reverse Variegated


This beautiful plant with white color is very beautiful and looks like an albino. The plant with the name haworthia obtusa reverse variegated has leaves and stems even though the round shaped tapered with a little thin yellow strip. These transparent-looking leaves appear to contain a lot of water, making them suitable for indoor plants with low lighting.

Haworthia Variegated "Red Flame"


The shape of the leaves that almost resemble haworthia hybrid variegate has a fairly clear difference. Especially from beautiful patterns and motifs. Beautiful mixed and fused colors ranging from black, green, orange, seed white to a little green seem to give a complex feel. Still with a thick leaf shape, the tip has a varied shape, such as pointed and blunt.

Haworthia Mutica Reverse Variegated


Haworthia mutica reverse variegated looks refreshing. With a tapered and slightly curved leaf shape, this plant has a fairly unique and diverse color. The color of light green leaves mixed with slightly orange per in the middle looks balanced.

Haworthia Mutica Hyb Seedling


The unique color of the leaves' haworthia mutica hyb seedling that looks different from other types is very beautiful. The pseudo color of light coffee chocolate mixed with green on the edges of these leaves forms a pattern. The shape of curved leaves with a very tapered tip becomes one of the beautiful plants of its kind.

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