7 Types of Ficus Plant for Your Home Interior

7 Types of Ficus Plant for Your Home Interior

Homiful.com -- Decorating the interior of the room does not have to be with trinkets only. Even sometimes without other elements such as room plant will more easily look boring. Therefore, some interior design also suggest adding natural unsure such as houseplants in the room. Not only as decoration, but to refresh the view and clean the air. One type of plant is the genus Ficus, or commonly know as rubber plant.

You can listen to several types of ornamental plants, Ficus plant that becomes the decoration of interior in the house. Here's the review.

Ficus Pumila


Ficus pumila is commonly known as the creeping fig or creeping area that includes flowering growing species native to East Asia, China, Japan. This plant is often used as a wall or tree paste plant as an ornamental plant. This small leaf can still grow large, has a 1-5 cm diameter that grows intermittently on the stem that is arranged on and covers the propagation media. With easy treatment, you can trim it regularly to keep it neat. 

Ficus Burgundy


This popular ornamental plant with grape red and shiny green leaves has the name Ficus burgundy. Plants that are treated easily and can remove chemical toxins from the air, such as formaldehyde. This plant is ideal for the room as well as the veranda terrace pot. Plants that can be placed in a room with low light, you can place in the window of the room.

Ficus Variegat


Ficus variegate is a wild plant that has latex on the fruit and bark. This plant will make hives if exposed to latex. This plant has figs are not suffocating, with a height of up to 30 meters. Green color trees when easy will fall briefly in adulthood. 

Ficus Tineke


The size and growth of Ficus tineke plants as small ornamental trees or shrubs can be used as indoor plants. This plants with a height of 2-10 feet has leaves that are about 12 inches long and 5 inches wide. Produces a variety of shiny and long leaf colors that are striking with almost white and green leaves.

Ficus Lyrata

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Violin plants that can be called Ficus lyrata has a beautiful leaf in the shape of a violin. This large, shiny leaf looks this to be used as an indoor plant home. If as an indoor plant, you need to pay attention to the soil media used fertilizer mixture and proper watering. Simply put this plant in the area near the window with indirect light.

Ficus Elastica


The first plant you can have is ficus elastica. Tree plants that can grow up to 20-30 m tall a diameter of 25-40 cm have pale gray stems, smooth and gummy white. Plants that have the end of branches are protected to wrap thin buds or red color, these leaves are slashed with a pale green top surface. The benefits that you can find from this plant are potential sources of antioxidants and sap can be taken for industry.

Ficus Altissima


Ficus altissima is an amazing tree with yellow and green velvet leaves. This strong and sturdy plant you can leave thrive in the house for many years. This plant can reach a height of up to 40 feet. But when planted indoors, the possibility of plants will not exceed your room. But it can still reach 6-8 feet.

Easy maintenance you can place this plant in the sun indirectly with a consistent watering schedule.

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