7 Top Type & Varieties of Zebra Plant ( Aphelandra Plant)

7 Top Type & Varieties of Zebra Plant ( Aphelandra Plant)

Homiful.com -- Have you ever wanted to have a small bush plant as an indoor plant at home? If so, zebra or Aphelandra plants can be the right choice. Because the relative performance is easy, with the level of aesthetics thrives in a pot environment. It is suitable for beginners, lovers or ornamental plants.

In its attractive appearance, the color of dark green leaves with white leaf veins and golden flowers, this plant has a variety of cultivar to be an option. Check out the varieties below that are suitable for your interior at home.

Aphelandra White Wash


This cultivar is very prominent with fresh and bright green leaves that make this plant look like it has a little white cast. With green leaf veins, with a unique and beautiful combination for Zebra plant. It is a cross between the Aphelandra Squarrosa and the Aphelandra 'Snow White'. With the same care as other cultivars, lighting is highly recommended by this plant.

Aphelandra Snowflake


Aphelandra Squarrosa snowflake is often referred to as the Zebra plant. It has exotic emerald green leaves with dramatic and striking white veins. The shape of the leaves and the size are still the same as other cultivars, the lacing ends will look faded white as adults.

Aphelandra Squarrosa


Plants grow into large upright shrubs and bloom abundantly during humid tropical heat. Plant known for the size of large leaves are shiny as well as dark green foliage that veins in white or yellow. These bright flowers and bracts make the look very valuable. New plants will be easy to plant from stem cuttings measuring 4 to 6 inches.

Aphelandra Snow White


The next cultivar is a snow-white that is different from the others. With white leaf vines and the basic color of dark green leaves. This plant commonly has small white spots near the whistleblower from and smelt so that it looks like a snow-covered plant. Moreover, the flowers are yellow or gold like other cultivars.

Aphelandra Botanica


The incredible scenery of the stunning Aphelandra Botanica has dark green leaves with very distinctive white stripes. The temperatures are important for this plant below 16 degrees Celsius. They love the heat, so this plant is happiest in a warm place.

You can put this plant in a bright place, but away from direct sunlight. Flush once a week and let the soil layer dry between watering.

Yellow Aphelandra 


This yellow Aphelandra plant belongs to the family Acanthecaea and genus Aphelandra. It has a very striking pattern with clear yellow leaf bones and is very contrasting.
It is dominated by a green color and clear yellow leaf bones, and relatively easy treatment.

Aphelandra Green


Aphelandra green is also often referred to as the zebra plant that belongs to the Acantheceae family of Atlantic forest in Brazil.

When flowering, this plant is beautiful with a yellow color that is typically used as a bush plant outside, even indoors. This plant will bloom with enough growth boosters for flowers with a lot of indirect light.

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