7 Tips for Designing a Small Garden

Homiful.com -- The garden is one of the important components that can make the house look green and fresh. You don't have to have a large area of land, you can use a small area in your house. Use a trick that still maximizes the small garden you created so that it still gives a comfortable, beautiful impression and creates fresh air around the house. For those of you who are interested in creating a small garden, see the following article about 7 Tips for Designing a Small Garden.



Small Garden with Fence


You can use a small area in the corner of the yard to create a garden that has a unique and attractive appearance. You can add a small fence to the garden so as not to disturb the surrounding area. Add hanging pots to add components to the garden with complete plants.



Small Garden on the Terrace of the House


If you have a minimalist terrace, you can use it as a beautiful garden as well as a beautiful area to welcome guests. Leave a little area for access to the terrace of the house by using rocks that are not overgrown with plants.



Garden with Beautiful Landscaping


Even though it has a small size, maximize the appearance of the garden you have with beautiful landscaping. The use of stacked layer designs with a square pattern that still gives a neat impression and has a different dimension that is rarely owned by others.



A Complete Component in a Small Garden


Having a small garden in front of the house, you can create a complete component in it, starting from coral with various colors with a natural arrangement. The addition of a fishpond in the small garden in front of the house further adds to the complete natural impression.



Dry Garden for Limited Space


If you don't have a wetland as a garden, use the empty space in your house by presenting a dry garden that uses pots arranged on shelves so that it can provide a lot of capacity for the plants you have. In addition to the shelves, you can also use the roof to hang plants so that it becomes a complete component in your dry garden.



Pond with a Beautiful Pattern in the Mini Garden


Not only the presence of a garden with cool and green plants, the addition of a small pond with this rock, you can apply to the small garden you have. In order to have an even more attractive appearance, use a beautiful heart-shaped pattern like in this tiny garden.



Garden as Well as Relaxing Area


The last way you can imitate to present this small garden is to use one area as 2 functions at once. In this area, apart from being a garden, you can also use it as a comfortable relaxing area with fresh air. Add a few chairs that further add to the comfortable atmosphere when relaxing with family while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.





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