7 Stylish Interiors You Won't Believe Are Tiny Homes

Homiful.com -- Small house designs are becoming increasingly popular because of their simple appearance and easy maintenance. Having a house with a small design must still pay attention to beauty and comfort in order to keep making a small house that is still amazing. Not only the facade that needs to be considered for its beauty, but the interior in it needs to be considered in terms of beauty and comfort. For those of you who are interested in a contemporary small house, see the following review of 7 Stylish Interiors You Won't Believe Are Tiny Homes.



Simple House Facade View

The facade of this house has an earthy look that uses white and contemporary wood with a warm impression. The use of a gable roof in this house increasingly displays a simple impression and can also minimize the risk of leaking during the rainy season.



Terrace as Outdoor Living Room


The use of the function of the terrace as an outdoor living room makes the house have more intense privacy from the presence of guests. Not only that, this area is also equipped with a television and also a fan which adds to the fresh relaxed atmosphere due to the breeze in the outdoor area.


Spacious Family Room

Having an outdoor living room makes the main room in this house a family room. The use of the main room as a family room does not present much furniture that can fill the room and hinder the function of it. The use of doors and windows with a touch of glass makes the lighting in this room more maximal and feels spacious.



White Kitchen with Maximum Decoration

The white color that gives a simple impression to this kitchen has a varied appearance with many decorative accents used in it. The wall with this two-dimensional pattern still comes with soft colors that don't spoil the soft impression it has. Not only that, the presence of gold-colored lights in this kitchen can be a touch that displays a luxurious impression.



Room with Open Plan Concept

The open plan concept is a very appropriate arrangement when applied to the tiny house you have. The same applies to the dining room and kitchen. The presence of a bar table in the kitchen indirectly becomes a barrier, but still has an open concept. The more spacious it feels, this room has a transparent glass door that leads to the side area of the house.



Beautiful White Bedroom

Towards the bedroom area, this house still applies the white concept, which gives a wide and clean effect. However, different variations are displayed on the floor that uses wood parquet and provides a calming natural atmosphere. Finally, the presence of lights in this bedroom is enough to make a luxurious and elegant impression.

Hygenic Dry Bathroom


The last room in this tiny house is a bathroom that still feels classy and modern. This bathroom presents a dry concept by presenting a cubicle in the shower area which has a higher water intensity so as not to disturb other areas and to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.





This is the review of 7 Stylish Interiors You Won't Believe Are Tiny Homes . From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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