7 Stylish and Cool Rooftop Decor Ideas

7 Stylish and Cool Rooftop Decor Ideas

Homiful.com -- The house or apartment that has a terrace on the roof offers many possibilities that you can change with amazing beautiful scenery. There are many ways and styles that you can use to decorate your outdoor rooftop. With some plants, furniture, fireplace to as a dining room. This area can also be used as a relaxing place and party area at the end of the year.

You can have the design on interesting reviews and fantastic ideas below:

Aesthetic open rooftop


Wood elements are an interesting consideration to apply to the open rooftop at home. This room should look relaxed and romantic at night. Place the candlelight until string lamp hangs at the top. The wooden deck will make this are even more aesthetic with complete furniture and a fireplace.

Rooftop decoration also looks very complete, with wood element, ornamental plants and beautiful lights and complete padding to add comfort white sitting.

Futuristic and modern roof terrace 


This terrace will be an important part of the house. An outdoor living room with an outdoor concept will be perfect for semiformal activities of receiving guest and celebratory parties. Enjoy a windy night with relatives, or during the day can be a place to back in the sun.

This cool and perfect rooftop


The rooftop of an open house with pergola accents becomes one of the complex components that can be applied. With a fresh and soothing soft blue color. Take advantage of this roof terrace area for gathering and sunbathing that biking feels at home. Beautiful visuals of this area are supported by the presence of geometric pattern floors with gray, white color.

Add a fireplace around the roof terrace


Roof terrace in the house that is aesthetic with cushion pattern detail becomes a focal point. The seating foundation is made of natural stone arrangement with a wooden deck for comfort consideration. This area is very nice as a relaxing place at night, you can add a fireplace and place it in the middle of the area so that the warmth can be felt together.

Complex roof terrace ideas

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In addition to just for fun activities, you can use this vast roof terrace space as a complex place. Corner in the design as a comfortable relaxing area with pergola cover, you can soak in warm water when cold at night until the celebration party.

Beautiful visuals are also displayed, from ornamental grass to land cover near the dining are and fireplace. This will be perfect if you enjoy the weekend or at the end of the year with family and relatives.

Roof terrace with wooden deck for dining area


In addition to being used for relaxing and sunbathing areas, other activities you can place in this area. You can make a rooftop at home as a place to eat. Simply complete with furniture such as chairs and tables for seating. Present interesting visuals with a glassy wooden deck floor with a small for ornamental grass as a water catchment. Add natural elements with strong palm trees against all weathers.

A beautiful rooftop


The idea of this rooftop looks beautiful with minimalist white visuals to tropical natural elements. Although in the open area, this roof terrace remains a fresh and soothing terrace. Appearing harmonious among clean ornamental flowers, the middle of this roof terrace is added a fireplace for even a cold day. When looking at this roof terrace, you certainly will not be able to turn away form the amazing view.

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