7 Stunning Rose Garden Ideas

Homiful.com -- Roses are special. This flower is a symbol of purity, love and passion, depending on the color of the petals. Roses are also special, with more than 150 species of roses and a thousand of hybrid around the world. Roses are among the most beautiful flowers in the world.

Roses are the queen of the garden. Instantly, the flower petals will make the garden look beautiful and colorful. Moreover, this flower is also easy to care for. You can even pick the flowers and put them in flower arrangement pots for table decoration at home. 

So, if you are interested in rose, and you want to make a roses garden, here are 7 Stunning Rose Garden Ideas.

Climbing rose and hydrangeas garden


The empty spot near the window outside the house looks attractive as a beautiful flower garden. You don't have to fill it with various types of flowers. Two flowers, namely climbing roses and hydrangeas, are enough to display such a special flower garden.

Rose garden on the archway


If you have limited space, make a beautiful vertical garden on the archway. You can plant and let the Rambling Rosie flowers grow and propagate beautifully on a rustic arch. The purplish pink flower petals give a lovely splash of color to the garden. This vertical rose garden will make the garden path more aesthetically pleasing.


The roses in this topiary bush box are so impressive. It became an attention seeker among the green atmosphere that surrounded it. Roses don't have to be red, the color of the other petals of roses will make the rose garden more vibrant. When blooming, these roses will give you great satisfaction.

Rose garden behind the house


Bring freshness and beauty to your backyard garden. The blooming roses will offer visual beauty as well as a fragrance that calms you down. You can pick a repeat bloomer of roses. This kind of rose flower bloom on a regular basis. Using banana peels will help your roses bloom more.

Stunning climbing roses on the walls


You can make empty-walls into such an amazing-rose garden with these climbing roses. Climbing roses can grow beautiful vines to the outside walls of the house. The large blooming flowers will also give you its own-satisfaction.

Secret 'rose' garden


It might be fun, if you have your-own escape at home. A place to pursue a quite time for yourself. Create a beautiful rose garden like this one. The flowers are blooming and with dim light, it will definitely make this garden look stunning, far from spooky impression.

Beautiful rose garden above the garage


The front area of your house looks plain and boring? Try to create an-attractive flower garden above the garage. You can use climbing roses, which can grow creeping to the metal frame. The pink color of the petals stand out against the green of the leaves and the white of the garage door. This arrangement make the atmosphere in front of the house fresher and pleasing to the eye.

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