7 Stunning Ideas To Recycle Plastic Bottles

Homiful.com -- Throwing away plastic bottles is the same, as you increase the amount of plastic waste that is already a lot in earth. There's more you can do than just throw it away. You can recycle plastic bottles into more useful and beautiful items. Various creating ideas with plastic bottles can be done with little or no budget. Find more interesting ideas on 7 Stunning Ideas To Recycle Plastic Bottles.

1. Hanging bottle for green wall decoration


Can you find where the plastic bottle is? Plastic bottles are used as water propagation media. The plastic bottle was rolled over and used as a place for the roots of the pothos plant. Pothos plants are arranged in a frame, then the bottles and frames are hung on hooks, and become a beautiful wall decoration.

2. Plastic bottles reuse for water propagation


In the previous idea, you have to adjust the position of the bottle and modify it, this one idea is so easy to try. You don't need to fiddle with your plastic drink bottles. Stand the bottle, fill it with water, and let the vines take root in the water. Let the leaves grow and hang beautifully in your kitchen.

3. Bonsai apple from sprite bottle


Table decorations from your own-creations are certainly more unique and special. You can recycle plastic mineral water bottles and sprites into artificial bonsai apple trees like this. Besides looking attractive, this apple bonsai is also easy to care for. You don't have to water or feed it, just clean it from the dust.

4. DIY pencil case bottle


Do you or your kids need a pen and pencil holder? Instead of buying, try making a DIY pencil holder from a plastic bottle. Plastic bottles of various sizes can be used. Cut and half the bottle, and cover it with flannel in your favorite color. Your stationery will also be stored neatly in this pencil case.

5. Unique plant stand from plastic bottle


You can turn plastic bottles into attractive plant stands. Cut the plastic bottle and leave the part with the lid. To make it look great, the bottle is then wrapped with a brown rope. A support is also attached to hold the plastic pot. You can put small plants, such as spider plants, which are enough to place on them.

6. Adorable pot for small plant


The easiest way to recycle plastic bottles is to use them as plant pots. Invite your little one to make an adorable pot from used plastic bottles. Funny and interesting planting media, it will make your little one more fond of gardening. Create this plastic bottle plant pot with a variety of cute animal characters.

DIY Herb Container for Kitchen


When cooking, then you unconsciously run out of herbs, of course it's very annoying, right? Grow your herb plants in the kitchen as a solution. You can plant them in pots made of plastic bottle waste. Make it more unique with different shapes and colors of pots, like in the picture above.

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