7 Striking Backyard Ideas For Better Home

7 Striking Backyard Ideas For Better Home

Homiful.com -- A good time to plant summer in, the year of giving it by having a backyard that is not only filled with flower plant only. You can consider a new design such as a balcony, pergola or garden in the backyard to spend months in the summer. In addition, you can also add the idea of a natural pool with a fountain or several other artificial waterfalls, From the inspiration below, you can listen to 7 idea that flashy backyard can be the inspiration. 

Backyard with pop-art style


The striking colors of your backyard will attract attention, so a gathering place in a pleasant summer. Perfectly crafted, a set of tables plus umbrellas appears with striking colors that draw a view. This will give a high decorating effect in the yard that is interesting throughout the day.

With shiny wooden furniture


The backyard will indeed be more beautiful with a neat arrangement. Equipped with complete furniture shiny wood material, beautiful finishing of furniture looks refreshing because of the beautiful visual of large trees. Some accents decorations you can make with a pergola cover or just a garden umbrella like this.

Simple backyard with cone roof pergola


Look unique from the backyard of this house you can be a consideration when approaching summer. Interesting display using a cone roof pergola from detailed wood material with a fence as high as 1 meter. Beautiful details of decorative lights that are so bright is getting fresher as you add ornamental plants in some areas.

Fresh summer, backyard with swimming pool


This actually also applies to you, the owner of a house or family villa. Large house land has an outdoor backyard can be used as a relaxing place. Complete with swimming pool and lounge. The striking of this area is the orange umbrella that refreshes the view. Even in the summer, these are still and calming.

Unique backyard idea of Mediterranean style


This next one is very interesting for you to try. The atmosphere is full of spirit with striking colors, this Mediterranean style is applied to sofa furniture to carpets. Tiny space can unwittingly be made beautiful and attractive and a beautiful look. Some accessories do not need to be added, high boxwood fences are able to protect fully from the heat.

For a different look of elegant concept, backyard


The minimalist gray  and white shades of the backyard of this house look dynamic for the upcoming summer, you can center on the use of membrane roof pergola and wooden pillars.

It's a great summer to have a picnic together


Although in the backyard, this time you do not need to go to the hills to enjoy a fresh summer. Make the concept of sitting down with a pedestal, provide a table and other relaxing equipment. This can be the most romantic place to party with loved ones at night.


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