7 Splendid Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use from Them

Homiful.com -- The existence of a house would not be complete without the presence of a kitchen. Having a kitchen does not have to be spacious and large. As long as it has the right function and comfort, even a small kitchen is not a big problem. Having a small kitchen, design and arrangement play an important role in creating an area that remains comfortable with a space that remains wide. For those of you who have a minimalist home, a small kitchen can provide the advantage that its existence does not take up much space at home. For small kitchen inspiration that you can imitate, see the following reviews about 7 Splendid Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use from Them.

Letter U Kitchen Near the Window

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The existence of a small kitchen near the window has a letter u model that is combined with a dining table which is designed in the style of a contemporary bar table. The touch of pink in this white kitchen gives a soft, girly impression, this will certainly be appropriate because the kitchen is the mother's area which can be said to be a favorite place while preparing food for the family. The use of the U model in this kitchen also has a function as a partition that separates it from other areas.

Purple Kitchen with Various Motifs


This minimalist kitchen does not present much furniture because of the limited area it has. Having an arrangement with a linear model makes this kitchen have a simple and neat impression. Turning to the details in it, this kitchen uses quite a variety of motifs ranging from floor carpets, curtains under the table, and also on the kitchen backsplash wall. Not only that, the arrangement near the window will provide maximum circulation in this minimalist kitchen.

Classic Style Pink Kitchen


The small kitchen that you have will still provide extra comfort and beauty if you apply a concept that creates a strong character in it. This pink kitchen has a classic touch thanks to the carvings on the cabinets it has. Not to forget, the existence of a kitchen table with a marble motif will give the impression of an elegant luxury that will match the design of the cabinet it has. Guaranteed, you will not be bored in a small kitchen with this design and decoration.

Kitchen Cabinet that Meets the Kitchen Wall


If you have a small and minimalist kitchen, of course, you will expect a neat appearance. In this L-type kitchen design, the use of a cabinet is a mainstay in storing all the furniture you have to create a neat kitchen and have extra storage even in a limited kitchen area.



Small Cafe Style Kitchen


A stylish kitchen design will provide its own value, even in a minimalist area. This kitchen that utilizes a makeshift area has a contemporary cafe-style design that uses a bar table equipped with a pastel chandelier. In addition, the use of wall foam on the backsplash between the cabinet and kitchen table creates a clean, elegant impression and of course in line with trends.

Green Kitchen with Decorative Stickers


Using a green concept in this kitchen, it makes the room look fresh and gives a positive aura that radiates along with the mother's activities in the kitchen. The use of this bright green color seems to forget the existence of a kitchen that has this tiny size. To further provide a unique and cheerful variation, the use of wall stickers with kitchen furniture patterns makes the atmosphere more charming and not boring.



Choosing the Right White Color


It is not surprising for anyone to apply white to their minimalist area. The same thing happened in this tiny kitchen. Its presence in the corner of the room still provides a large space, especially with the use of white color, which gives off the impression of being relieved and clean. Not to forget, to facilitate maintenance in the backsplash area, the use of ceramics with white brick motifs also makes for an amazing variation.

This is the review of 7 Splendid Small Kitchen Ideas You Can Use from Them. From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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