7 Pretty Houseplant with Red Leaves

7 Pretty Houseplant with Red Leaves

Homiful.com -- For those of you who like the color red on plants, various types you can find in the list of plants names below.

Beautiful indoor plants, that have a red color, will add to the color of the room so more beautiful. You can plant this plant indoors or planted outdoors that is protected from frost. Please read the details below:


Fittonia Forest


Fittonian forest flame is a popular, low-growing terrarium plant that grows on the floor or in pots. This plant grows well with high humidity with regular watering and very high light levels. Dominant with pink rabbits with a pattern of veins with variety.

This plant is very attractive with availability in a variety of colors from white to beautiful pink.

Cryptanthus Bivittatus Red


Cryptanthus bivittatus is one of the most popular plants grown from this genus Crypthantus quickly forming small groups, growing with wavy black and pink leaves.

It is called a red animal plant that grows medium to silt but will develop grass over time that is divided because it grows denser.

If you get less sunlight, this plant will fail to develop. When there is too little light, it will cause color bleaching and sunburn.

Rotala Macrandra


Rotala macranda has a variety that has a more magenta red color compared to the usual red macranda rotala with a distinctive white vein. This plant is fast-growing, which has a reputation as a picky plant to grow well. Compared rotala rotundifolia which is more commonly found and is best used in the middle or behind the aquarium.



Poinsettia plant is the most red and popular ornamental plant that becomes beautiful as a Christmas decoration. With a modified red color and will appear in winter. 

Poinsettia will also flower at other times of the year by reducing light. You can cut back poinsettia when you finish flowering so that it is not leggy and only water it when the patio soil is dry.

Caladium Red Beret


Caladium plants are currently an ornamental plant that is targeted by many plant enthusiasts. The color of the red leaves is very suitable as a home decor. In addition, its exotic appearance with wide and has many color patterns will attract the attention of anyone who sees it.

Usually this plant will be more beautiful if exposed to sunlight, to care for it to stay fertile you can provide watering according to the climate, using sterilized planting media, fertilizing and controlling to be free from pests.



In general, cordyline is a monocot plant with stems that are often found in ornamental plants. With quite a lot of types, plants with a red color whose leaves can be a striking red if they get direct sunlight. Used as a protective plant and block barrier on rice field, fields, and tea plantations.

Echeveria Romeo


Echeveria romeo is a variant of echeveria agavoides. This plant as an adult will reach a height of about 15 cm and a diameter of about 30 cm. The leaves of the fleshy plant with a bright red color are mostly shiny. This is one type of succulent that requires watering like other succulents. Avoid overwatering so as not to rot, the best way to water this plants is to soak and dry these succulents.

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