7 More Varieties of Oxalis for Home and Your Garden

7 More Varieties of Oxalis for Home and Your Garden

Homiful.com -- Beautiful plants that resemble butterflies or commonly called oxalis is very attractive for your garden and interior at home. The shape of leaves that are almost like butterflies is no wonder if many people are in demand.

Ornamental plants originating from tropical countries of South America and South Asia can grow perfectly at temperatures of 15-25 degree Celsius. Easy treatment you can make a choice of ornamental plants. Leaves that are 'photophilic' can open and close themselves due to the light response.

The variety is quite a lot you can meet below:

Oxalis Corniculata


Herbaceous living from plants, with compound leaf types that are divided into 3 hearth-shaped leaves, have a large arrangement of leaf stand and even edges. Flower plant consist of 5 crowns, 5 petals with a yellow flower color symmetrical shape.

Growing creeps with a length of 5-35 cm, including annual plants that grow perennial green. Soft stems and branches are branched a lot. This plant is green with flowers coming out of the armpits of the leaves, small and beak-shaped.

Oxalis Triangularis


Ornamental plants called oxalis triangularis is easy to develop although a little slow very flowering but easy to spread. Plants with a dominant dark purple color on the outside into the inside are divided into the middle with a younger purple color. Degradation of purple color on the stems and leaves, still leaves a little green color.

The shape of e beautiful leaf like the butterfly's affection stretches with one stalk consisting of three leaves. Pay attention to the intake of sunlight, humidity, the light of the space.

Oxalis Iron Cross


Oxalis iron cross is very beautiful with leaves divided into four leaflets. In the middle of the purple patches is very good because it has a beautiful blend with pink flowers. This plant can grow 10 inches tall and wide. It thrives as an ornamental plant in zones 8-9.

Oxalis Deppei


Varieties oxalis deppei really shines for the landscape in your home. Green leaves with purple marks in the middle of the purple leaf prominent and more crowded. This plant needs a whole of care and can tolerate sunlight. Need a bright location with a shade that is more shady.

Oxalis Adenophylla


Referred to as wood sorrel, oxalis adenophylla plants have tiny flowers with five petals of white to light purple with a deep purple center. Skinny stems on top of attractive clover-like foliage with a silvery sheen. Oxalis adenophylla loves full sun plants and well-drained soil.

Oxalis Versicolor


This beautiful look with a soft and fun round two colors becomes one of the important plants for the yard in your home. Five helix petals, each white with a thick red boundary, will open when in the sun and form a small, airy funnel with a diameter of 1-1.5 inch.

Oxalis versicolor is a perennial that grows low and easily grows in full sun or partial shade. Bloom during the end of September.

Oxalis Corymbosa


Beautiful with a unique leaf shape. Oxalis corymbosa has the shape of a heart leaf, as many three sheets on each stem. The color of the leaves mixed green-yellow and a little silvery thin white is attractive with beautiful pink flowers. Lush and fertile to become ornamental plants on the interior of the house. You can pay attention to the treatment ranging from fertilization, humidity and also lighting.

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