7 Indoor Plants for Low Light

7 Indoor Plants for Low Light

Homiful.com -- Caring for ornamental plants in the room certainly needs more attention such as soil moisture levels, sun exposure and fertilization. But not all home have good light from sunlight, so it is quite difficult for those of you who have outdoors plants.

No need to worry, because now you can find many beautiful ornamental plants that do no need sunlight to survive in the house. Now a little explanation about this indoor plant you can see in the review below:

 English Ivy


English ivy is a good plant with low light. Ivies are plants that like a dried environment, so you do not need to water plants that too often, just spray on the leaves. Popular to place indoor, the  variety is quite a lot with pure green and some others have white and green colors.

Peace lily


Peace lilies are known for their adaptable plants and low maintenance. This plant is the best flooring plant and can grow as tall as about 3-5 feet. This plant is best grown in low-light environments away from direct sunlight. This flower actually has the property of detoxifying the air around the plant and also becomes a natural room fragrance.

Golden Pothos


You don't have to overdo it to take care of this plant.  Especially if you get too much sunlight. Golden pothos will stay alive even if left until the soil is dry. In addition to being an indoor plant, this plant is very strong if placed outdoors. You can use the water propagation method to grow new shoots. Place it in several corners of the room, until it become the decoration of the window sill.



When you want to include houseplants in a room with low light, be sure to choose ornamental plants that are resistant if placed indoors. The first list of ornamental plants you can decide is ferns. Plants that like a shady atmosphere, and really like a lot ow water, you will have no difficulty when choosing this plant as an indoor plant, the care is easy, and you just keep this plant thrives indoors.



Next is philodendron, which is still the ideal indoor plant you can have. This plant is as good as it is placed in a window that gets indirect sunlight. Even so, this plant likes a dry environment, If you can give water the soil is dry, only. You need to pay attention to the change in the color of the leaves of this plant, that look fresh green with a little refreshing lemon green.

ZZ plant


ZZ plant are known as Zanzibar gems, whose care is easy and does not need to be watered often. You can simply water it when the soil is dry, make sure it does not soak the water. This plant is very suitable to be placed indoors that do no like direct sunlight, but still fertile in an environment that lack light. It is perfect for office plants as well as bedrooms.

Lucky bamboo


Lucky bamboo is a great beginner plant to have. Especially for those of you who squeal plants in the form of excessive watering. This plant will actually grow if placed in water. This plant is also believed to bring good luck at home. Especially with easy care, you do not need to put this plant in direct sunlight.

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