7 Indoor Plants Can Beat The Winter Blues

Homiful.com -- Winter is coming. Being known as the coldest season of the year, winter isn't always fun for anyone. Cold and dark weather can bring you into winter blues. Feeling sad and gloomy because of the cold weather. But take it easy. You can beat the winter blues by surrounding your living self with some indoor plants below. They can be said to be part of winter plants. The plants can live well in cold weather. The plants can also add a splash of color to your room. So, you won't feel so gloomy anymore. Here, we share our 7 Indoor Plants Can Beat The Winter Blues.



Hellebore plant is also known as winter beauties. Hellebore a hardy plant. This plant able to survive cold weather in winter. They can also bloom in winter, when other plants are not at their peak. Hellebore foliage looks best when sheared in late winter. Place them on a cool indoor spot, and this plant will keep the winter blues away.



Peperomia can be the best winter indoor plant choice for you. The plant prefer bright, indirect light, but they can live well in cold weather. This greenery will help you to brighten up your home in winter.

Viola Denin Jump Flower


Fill winter pots with plants that bloom beautifully. You can choose a viola plant with gorgeous purples flowers. To keep your voila flower blooming throughout the winter, make sure you cut off the old flower heads as soon as they appear to have faded.

Christmas Cactus


December is the time for Schlumbergera cactus flowering. Schlumbergera cactus has many names. They are called as Thanksgiving cactus, crab cactus, zygocactus to Christmas cactus. The Thanksgiving cactus and Christmas cactus implies the winter flowering season. Place them on a yellowish pot, they will add a pop of color to your living space in winter.

Fig Buttercup (Ficaria verna)


Ficaria verna begin to grow in winter, so they can be said as one of the winter plants. Small yellow flowers surrounded by green leaves will put a smile on your face.  In cold and dark weather, this plant can be your mood booster and make you feel better when you have nowhere to go in winter.



Although anthurium is not strictly winter plants, this green plant with reddish flowers can beat your winter blues. Anthurium is a tropical plant, but they can thrive in cold temperature. Just keep them on a warm spot in your home to keep the anthurium last longer.



Bright-colored cyclamen in white pots will help you to beat the seasonal winter blues. This beautiful plant bloom in winter. The plants are included low-maintenance indoor plants. Place them on cool condition spot will make them continue flowering.

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