7 Indoor Plants as Christmas Tree Alternatives

Homiful.com -- Decorating the house is one of the activities that are usually done to welcome Christmas. Putting additional decorations such as a Christmas tree in the living room is something that should not be missed. A Christmas tree will make the living space feel so warm and have a Christmas vibe.

Unfortunately, a tall and large Christmas tree is not always good to be placed in a small and limited rooms. But fortunately, there are other houseplants that are suitable as Christmas tree alternatives. 

What are those? Here are 7 Indoor Plants as Christmas Tree Alternatives:

1. Noble Fir (Abies procera)


This evergreen tree has dense branches. The leaves are like needles growing upwards. They are more slender with less leafy shapes than a most common Christmas trees (Douglas fir). This Noble fir will look spectacular with any Christmas decorations. You can add lights or little ornaments to it. Or, simply put it on a small container with wheels like this, if you want to make it as a Christmas-inspired patio/porch decoration.

2. Leyland Cypress (Cuppressus x leylandii)


Leyland cypress can be the best Christmas tree alternative for small and narrow spaces. They can live in pots and have dark-green hairy leaves. These green leaves look so adorable with any Christmas decorations. You can also make it a Christmas gift for your loved ones.

3. Rosemary (Salvia romarinus)


Yes, it turns out, rosemary can be used as a mini Christmas tree. Trim and arrange rosemary into a conical shape that resembles a typical Christmas tree. The sturdy stem is quite capable to hold small Christmas ornaments with ease. You can also place it in white pots on a red table for a corner filled with Christmas nuances.

4. Norflok Island Pine (Auracaria heterophylla)


No need to be confused anymore to have a small Christmas tree at a small home. You can have a Norfolk Island Pine, which has a height of about 90-160 cm, so the room with this Christmas tree alternative doesn't feel cramped and crowded. The branches of this tree are not so strong, so use light ornaments on them, such as string lights, garlands, bulbs and little ornaments.

5. Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Picea glauca 'Conica')


This plant has needle-like leaves that are quite dense like a common Christmas tree. The leaves are so dense enough that you can trim them in a spiral-shape like this. Add decorative string or fairy light ornaments to beautify it. As the name implies, this plant is a dwarf spruce tree that is suitable for placing even in small living-spaces.

6. Weeping Fig (Ficus Benjamina)


Weeping fig plants are also known as ornamental banyan plants. The fallen foliage keeps this plant look so eye-catching. You can put a weeping fig in the middle of Christmas gifts and red Christmas ornaments. Beautify the weeping fig with a red and white ribbon in the middle of the tree trunk.

7. Lemon Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest')


Lemon cypress has a lemony scent that is ready to freshen up your living space. You can call this plant a mini cypress Christmas tree that fits anywhere. A touch of green from a lemon cypress will make Christmas and winter feel even better.

That's all for 7 Indoor Plants as Christmas Tree Alternatives. Within these plants, you can have a small or mini Christmas tree that won't make your living space look so crowded and get you ready to enjoy Christmas holiday.

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