7 Indoor Garden Ideas for Bringing the Great Outdoors Inside

Homiful.com -- Apart from the design aspect, the comfort of a home can be created by providing freshness in it. The use of plants in the house can create significant freshness and provide a calming and natural green look. You can adapt the use of ornamental plants in this house as an enchanting indoor garden. For those of you who are interested in this indoor garden, check out the following reviews of 7 Indoor Garden Ideas for Bringing the Great Outdoors Inside.



Use of Varied Plants


The most important component in creating a garden is the selection of plants. The use of a variety of plants in an indoor garden can provide interesting variations both in appearance and arrangement. Likewise, what is applied to this indoor garden, the choice of plants is not only monotonous in one type, but also has a variety of different plants with arrangements on the floor or hanging.



Utilization of the Area Near the Stairs


You can use the stairwell area that is usually empty as an area to place your favorite plants to create a refreshing indoor garden. In addition to placing pots on the floor, you can also hang plants to create beautiful variations and not boring.


Use of Transparent Glass


You can use the empty area on the balcony as an indoor garden by using glass doors and walls that give a bright, open impression. Add shelves and several shelves in it so that it can accommodate many types of plants with a neat and conceptual appearance. Group the plants in them by size to keep them under control and not to overlap.



Beautiful Decoration in the Kitchen


Although not focused as an indoor garden, you can adapt the presence of plants in the kitchen area as an open mini indoor garden. Thus, the existence of this garden will at the same time become a decoration that is able to freshen the air from the annoying smell in the kitchen.



Glass Shelves for a Neat Simple Look


If you have an indoor garden with a large and varied number of plants, the use of shelves can be a solution to accommodate plants so that they still give a neat impression but do not reduce the essence of plants as an important component in the garden. Choose transparent glass that has an elegant appearance and still gives a broad impression.



Cool Relaxing Area


Placing two functions in one room can be an interesting idea for a minimalist-sized house. The use of the living room area as well as an indoor garden can also provide a fresh atmosphere to the living room. The glass window design in this room still has a bright and shady atmosphere with the use of white curtains that are able to control the sunlight that radiates.



Additional Lounge Chairs in the Indoor Garden


This indoor garden has a fairly large area and also presents comfortable lounge chairs that can be enjoyed while chatting with family. You also apply the use of a transparent roof in this indoor garden so that the plants still have maximum light intake.




This is the review of 7 Indoor Garden Ideas for Bringing the Great Outdoors Inside. From the design above, which is your favorite kitchen?

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